Veronica Mars

I guess you could say Veronica Mars was the modern-day Nancy Drew. Except she was way sassier. Veronica (aka Kristen Bell) was a high school student who joined in the family business of private investigating when her bff aka Amanda Seyfried was murdered (yikes!). After the murder, bad things happened to Veronica like her dad lost his job as sheriff and they became poor, her mom bounced, her boyfriend dumped her and she became unpopular. Cue her becoming a sassy beyotch.

Veronica was kinda the underdog which is probably why I loved this show so much. She was super cool and didn’t take shit from anyone. She also had some pretty cute boyfriends: Duncan, Logan (LOVE HIM), Piz (looked like Zac Efron, was in Private Practice and The Help) and some other random love interests here and there. She had some pretty awesome sidekicks, too, like Wallace, Weevil (bad boy, cholo-esque guy) and Mac (aka Tina from Napoleon Dynamite).

The show followed her from high school to college and there was always one larger mystery solved throughout the season and then smaller ones solved during each episode. At least there wasn’t a question why mystery followed Veronica everywhere, she actually was a teen private investigator.

Sadly, the show got cancelled after three seasons. Seriously, I was not pleased with that ending. Okay, CW, you’re gonna cancel Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls but keep The Game and One Tree Hill? Ugh. And what kills me even more is that season 4 was supposed to take place a few years after season 3 where Veronica is now in the CIA. There’s a mini-pilot that you can watch on YouTube that will make you so upset and curse whoever made the decision to cancel the show. Check it here:

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