The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

So I’ve been at home in California on vacation for the past week and obviously have been catching up with friends. I met up with my friend Maddy (HI MADDY IF YOU’RE READING THIS!) for lunch a few days ago and naturally our conversation turned to One Direction. Back in 2008, we shared a mutual obsession of the Jonas Brothers and went to the concert with my then 15 year old sister, so she’s my go-to person for discussions about any tween sensation. Anyways, we spent basically 75% of lunch talking One Direction: our favorite boy and song (it’s like choosing your favorite child!), their accents, their mischievous antics, their X Factor performances, etc. etc. And because of that conversation I’ve spent about 50% of my vacation time watching One Direction videos. Remember when I was obsessed with them back in February? Yeah, it’s only gotten worse.

She told me about this cartoon that was so hilarious. It’s called The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. And I’m sorry if I’m late to the bandwagon on this one — since it’s already been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube. One of the lead animators for the show Archer wrote, animated, directed and voiced the whole cartoon. So yes, he did all voices for the boys and yes, all of his impressions were spot on. I die for his uber-slow talking Harry impression, I seriously cannot listen to real Harry speak now without thinking of the cartoon.

The cartoon depicts the boys as superheroes trying to save all the pussies (cats) in the world from the evil Lord Faptoguise. Their mentor Psymon (haha Simon Cowell) and a Paul McCartney lookalike make an appearance. It’s 18 minutes long but trust me, it’s so worth your time. The 1D boys have been asked about the cartoon and they love it too and want to do voices for the next one. Please make it happen. Check out the cartoon below:

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