Baby Daddy

Just one big happy family. “OOPS I HAD A BABY!”

GUYS. I really don’t know what to say here, besides like, whoa this looks effing terrible — and something that I’d totally watch, for several reasons:

1.) That Jean-Luc guy (the main character) is pretty cute. I remember him from that other, weird Blade Runner-esque, “aliens among us” ABC Family show Kyle XY.

2.) TAHJ MOWRY! Dude, I was a Smart Guy fan (remember this?). I’m all about it, though he looks a bit short. (Sorry dude.)

3.) That woman from REBA is in it. Yes, I watched Reba. Don’t judge me for it, they played those reruns like every day. And, well, I love Reba.

4.) That girl Chelsea is in it. Apparently, she goes by “Chelsea Kane” not “Chelsea Staub”, since 2010. When someone told me a blonde Disney girl was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I was like Oh, Chelsea Staub? And they were like, no, Kane. WTF. Who is this chick? Apparently, she changed it because people mispronounced it all the time and she was sick of that. I think it’s probably because she watched Real Housewives of New Jersey and didn’t want people to think she was related to Danielle Staub.

But I’m a little worried about this TV show. I get it — “haha, look at this guy with a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!” and by the end it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to him and season one (maybe two if they can drag it out) will end with a cliffhanger of the mom coming back and trying to take the kid back, but um, it still is kind of strange for ABC Family to be like, BABIES ARE COOL, GUYS. Especially with The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Like, ABC Family, will you stop trying to get us all to be like the Duggars? Thanks.

Anyway, I don’t have cable right now so I guess I won’t be watching this. Unless I watch it online. Uh oh.

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