Friday Fashion Flashback: Capris

Oh, capris. Or petal pushers. Or clam diggers. Or cropped pants. Whatever you called them they were HUGE back in the early 2000s. And don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty fashionable now. I still wear them, but I guess they go by the more formal and trendy cropped pants now.

But remember when everyone wore capris? You’d wear them with sandals, flats or my favorite combo, socks and sneakers (oh man that was really not a good look for me, it just made me look really stumpy). I had a floral pair (why oh why), a denim pair, two khaki ones and a black pair. I wore them to school (on free dress days, since I went to Catholic school), to church (my nice black pair obviously), on vacation, running errands with my mom, etc. They were a wardrobe staple for me. Since I grew up in Southern California, long pants weren’t needed most of the time so capris were a good choice. I hate wearing pants but love wearing shorts, so when it got cold, capris were my compromise. I still totally advocate this trend solely on this fact. Let’s never stop wearing capris. Unless you’re a man. Then those are called manpris and no one (the wearer and those around them) should be subjected to that.

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