Step Up Revolution AKA Step Up 4

I have a serious love affair with dance movies (and TV shows, for that matter.) I don’t know what it is — usually the acting is terrible, but no one really watches these movies for the acting, am I right?

Which is why I’m stoked to see Step Up Revolution (aka Step Up 4). Basically, it revolves around a dance crew who gets involved in a community struggle when a developer wants to essentially buy everything up. (Sandy Cohen, I thought you weren’t ever going to go corporate?!)

Anyway, the dancing looks phenom, and like something I’ll try and recreate on a regular basis. Also, the lead actor Ryan Guzman? Hi, I’m Sam.

While nothing will probably ever top Step Up (the original), this one looks solid. I pretty much hated Step Up 2, except for the fact that it starred Robert Hoffman, aka Rob from Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out who was also in She’s the Man. Oh and that it introduced us to Moose, who dominated Step Up 3.

In short, I’ll be seeing it. Who’s with me?

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One thought on “Step Up Revolution AKA Step Up 4

  1. Sara Katherine says:

    Yes,yes,yes! I can’t wait to watch this! I’m such a diehard Step Up fan. Also, guilty of loving all things dance. Have you been watching bunheads on ABC? Because I’m in obsessive love with it. It was written by the same person who wrote Gilmore girls which should speak volumes for itself. Anyways, check it out of you haven’t seen it yet an great post!

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