Joshua Jackson

Man oh man, did I love this boy. It obviously started with Mighty Ducks, but really went full-force with Dawson’s Creek. Honestly, was there a more adorable slacker turned perfect boyfriend than Pacey Witter? (The answer is no.)

He’s just got that great boy-next-door charm. And really, when you play a character for five straight years, you’re mostly going to be known for that character. I don’t make the rules. So yeah, when Pacey whispers “I remember everything” to Joey at the dance, counts to ten before kissing her at Dawson’s aunt’s house and challenges Joey with a paintbrush and a wall, YEAH I’M GOING TO BE ALL ABOUT JOSHUA JACKSON.

And I know he’s now on a super popular show Fringe and has dated Diane Kruger for the past six years, making them pretty much Barbie and Ken of the Hollywood world, but with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes broken up, I don’t know Pacey/Josh… seems like you could really do some good there, what do you say?

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