Weird Celeb Couplings Part 1

After I learned about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce (she’s free!), I thought about whom Tom Cruise has dated. Then I realized he dated Penelope Cruz (totally forgot about that fling post-Nicole Kidman) and Sofia Vergara. Yes, Sofia Vergara! Isn’t that nuts? I’m glad those two were able to escape Scientology. Anyways, it got me thinking about weird celeb hookups that people forget about. I decided to do some research into more weird couplings, here’s what I came up with for part 1 (more extensive research is needed later):

January Jones and Josh Groban: January Jones just seems kind of bitchy, right? And Josh Groban is such a goof. How did they ever get along? Also, January dated Ashton Kutcher too. She has, um, interesting taste in men. Sidenote: can she just tell us who her babydaddy is?

David Gallagher and Megan Fox: Megan dated Simon Camden! They dated in 2003, back when he was the more famous one because of 7th Heaven. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles: He’s just so smiley and she’s so glum. They met when they filmed one of the best teen movies of the 90s, 10 Things I Hate About You (RIP Heath).

Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass: Boy Meets World meets *NSYNC. Proof that celebs aren’t immune to the whole My Boyfriend Turned Out to Be Gay thing. Apparently they’re still friends.

Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock: Before he was in The Notebook and every Internet meme, he was that youngin dating Sandra Bullock. Please tell me they’re still friends.

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