Friday Fashion Flashback: Stretchy Headbands


Remember those thick, stretchy headbands in the 90s? That’s actually a style that I can realistically see people bringing back in 2012 and beyond. It’s not ridiculous (i.e. butterfly clips and hair chopsticks) and it’s pretty convenient and easy. Plus, aren’t headbands still cool or was that circa 2007 and Gossip Girl?

The only beef I had with these things is that I could never wear them. They never stuck on my head — maybe my hair was too slippery? Is that even possible? Plus, I had bangs so whenever I tried to sweep my bangs back with the headband, there would be these weird ends sticking up. I looked bad. But I so wished I had long hair and no bangs to pull of the look. Even so, I still had a whole bunch of them in different colors and patterns.

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