Alex Pettyfer

Okay, so Sarah and I actually saw Magic Mike more than a week ago (how has it taken this long for that to come up!?) and it was delightful. Seriously, Matthew McConaughey straight up killed it! (Oh and Channing Tatum has some pretty sweet moves, naturally. I mean, he did inspire the story.)

But I felt very conflicted when it came to “The Kid” aka Alex Pettyfer. Here’s the thing: I know that I’m supposed to not like him, guys, because he’s apparently a diva/dick on set who thinks he’s amazing and deserves more than an actor who hasn’t made it yet (pssst… Alex — you haven’t made it yet, dude.) But this is the thing: he’s so pretty. In the words of Kelso from That 70s Show, he’s what they call “man pretty.” I’m not the only one who swooned — he’s dated two of his previous co-stars, Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron.

I guess I’ll just look at pictures of him playing with puppies and pretend he’s not a complete d-bag. Prove me wrong, Alex?

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