Amazon Recommendation Realizations, Part 1

So recently I was gifted an Amazon Kindle Fire (wheee) and a gift card to their streaming video library, which is pretty much like iTunes movies. As I’ve squandered away the balance on rentals that make me look like a girl on the brink of puberty, I now get some recommendations that make me laugh and realize what terrible (non-redeemable) movies there are out there. Here are a few gems I’ve come across:

Labor Pains

Remember that time Lindsay Lohan was an actor trying to prove herself after her “bad girl” behavior went public? This probably wasn’t the way to do it, Linds. Synopsis: woman (that’s Lindsay, for all intents and purposes) pretends to be pregnant so she doesn’t get fired from her job. Sounds like a real kneeslapper eh? The “funny” part was that this movie was originally made for an actual film, to be released in theaters, and then they were apparently like, oh shit this is terrible and decided to just release it on ABC Family. I guess that beats the whole straight-to-DVD route, though right now I’m not exactly sure that’s true.

Another Cinderella Story

Cause clearly, we needed another. This movie centers around a young girl (Selena Gomez) who wants to impress a guy she has had a crush on forever, a pop star (and dancer). She’s a dancer, too! So she busts some moves, but yeah he doesn’t know it’s her and she has an evil stepmother and is anyone else bored yet? I’m all for terrible dance movies and fairytale plots, but when your body dance double is significantly different looking and the audience can LEGIT tell when you’re not the one doing the dancing (so like, every scene, Selena) it’s bad. Just bad.

Love Wrecked

I’m a pop culture lover, and honestly, I didn’t even know this existed. Amanda Bynes plays a girl obsessed with a celebrity guy. As she works at a tropical resort where he’s staying, she ends up saving him from a water incident and then convincing him that they’re on an island all alone and have to wait for help. But oops, yeah they’re just on the different side of the island. The guy from mean girls is in it as the best friend who doesn’t give her away because he is like, in love with the psycho. And the guy who yells “welcome to the OC bitch” is the celebrity. Yeah, things get weird, kids.

That’s all for now, though I’m sure there are more terrible recommendations in the future. I’m about to rent like, all the Step Ups, so get ready for terrible dance movie picks. Seriously, not a joke.

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