As I referenced in my post about my love for  The WB, I was a big fan of the show Popular. A little Mean Girls, a little Gossip Girl, this show as about cliques and the social hierarchy of high school. It starred Leslie Bibb (who’s been in a couple movies like Iron Man and Talladega Nights) and Carly Pope (not quite sure what she’s been in lately). Leslie’s character,  Brooke, was the super popular cheerleader with the hot bf and and Carly’s character, Sam, was the unpopular smart girl with a nerdy best friend who pines after her. Sounds like a pretty standard high school drama premise, right?

Well, this show was created by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story), so of course there were some twists and turns. Sam and Brooke’s single parents meet and fall in love, get married and  have a kid together. Sam and Brooke eventually fight over Harrison. Josh, Brooke’s football player boyfriend, starts dating Sam’s environmental activist friend, Lily, and they get married. Sidenote: I absolutely hate when teenage characters get married. Yeah, I’m looking at you Cory and Topanga (okay you got married in college, but still), Haley and Nathan from One Tree Hill and Finn and Rachel (well, almost, thank god Quinn got in that car accident). Anyways, there were also some crazy peripheral characters like Mary Cherry, a crazy and vapid cheerleader, Nicole, scary psychopath cheerleader, and Mike “Sugar Daddy” Bernardino, an overweight wanna gangsta.

I really loved this show and I’m still disappointed that it was cancelled after only two seasons. Plus, that series finale was crazy. SPOILER ALERT: The last scene shows Nicole running over Brooke with her car. And that’s the end of it. Seriously. We don’t know if she dies or not.

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