Songs That I Know All The Lyrics To, Part 1

I’m starting a lot of these “part ones” even though I realize a second, third or fourth post may never materialize, but it could, I guess. Because guys, I know a lot of song lyrics. As in, you could play a song that has been on the radio at least once and 90% of the time I will know all the lyrics. (Humblebrag?) Some of these songs, are cool to know, sure. Like when you’re at a bar bopping around on the dance floor and DMX’s “Party Up” comes on and everyone’s like, how does this short girl who was just singing “Call Me Maybe” know this? And how is she not afraid to say every (explicit) lyric? Well, I’m not guys. I’ll sing ALL OF THEM.

So here, my top 5 list of songs I know every lyric to and that really have come in handy throughout the years. This is pretty basic stuff. If you don’t know these, it may be time to brush up. (Cue up those spotify playlists!)

DMX “Party Up”

As mentioned, this is a classic. It has a lot of intense lyrics, and the flow is pretty slow so you can totally rap along without making a jackass of yourself (at least, more of one).

Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”

Ah, what a classic. Honestly, this will come up more times than you would think (or maybe that’s just me…)? Anyway, it’s a good one to know and has two of my favorite lyrics, ever: “Killin your brain like a poisonous mushroom” and “cookin MC’s like a pound of bacon” – ah, Vanilla, you lyrical mastermind.

Ciara ft Missy Elliott “One, Two Step”

I mean, honestly, this is still played. Regardless of your stance on that fact, it is, indeed a fact, so you should probably be safe and know the lyrics. I always loved them because my Myspace description used to be “I’m 5’2, I wanna dance with you and I’m sophisticated fun. I eat filet mignon, and I’m nice and young best believe I’m number one.” Yeah, not ashamed. I’m 5’2 guys! It was like she was writing my biography.

Jackson 5 “I Want You Back”

I mean, honestly, if you don’t know this song we probably can’t be friends.

Bell Biv Devoe “That Girl is Poison”

Wish I was kidding, but I’m not. This song was made in 1990, and people are still learning hip hop routines in dance class to this (seriously, 2009 right here) and DJs are remixing this ish in bars. Learn it, sing it, embrace it.

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