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Girl Crush: Mindy Kaling

So what’s been happening in the weeks that I’ve neglected our blog? I got caught up in the Olympics hype (specifically, the U.S. Men’s Basketball team, Nathan Adrian, and Samuel Jackson’s “live” tweets) and I became obsessed with Mindy Kaling. My life is crazy, right?

For those who don’t know about Mindy and are too lazy to read her Wikipedia article, she’s a Dartmouth grad who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office. She’s also the freaking co-executive producer and writer of the show too, btw. She’s also been in movies like No Strings AttachedThe Five Year Engagement, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. 

So, yes, I have a mild obsession with Mindy Kaling. How did I not know about her greatness before? Frankly, I think Kelly Kapoor on The Office is pretty annoying so maybe that deterred me from appreciating Mindy. I read her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and I fell in love. It was one of those books were you find yourself laughing out loud on the subway (real awk), nodding earnestly in agreement to everything said, and feeling really really depressed when it’s over. I kept thinking, “How did this girl read my mind and put it on paper? And hey, I should start putting my random and bizarre thoughts on paper so I can write an awesome book one day.” I just love Mindy because she’s so honest, hilarious, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind (even when it’s kind of crazy). I want to be her friend. Seriously, Mindy if you’re reading this can we hang out? I feel like we have so much in common and there wouldn’t be any weird pauses in conversation because we like to talk A LOT so we’ll probably just end up talking over one another. (And P.S., I totally agree with you on that whole chapter you wrote about men and boys and thank you for teaching me about Irish and French Exits.)

Anyways, after I finished the book there was a big void in my life. Fortunately, Mindy’s new pilot, The Mindy Project is available on Hulu, Fox, and some other sites. So of course I watched it last night. It was good, guys. Really funny and smart and I’m glad I get to see Chris Messina on my television at least once a week. I can’t wait to watch more episodes. In this show, Mindy plays an OB/GYN who has really awesome clothes and is trying to navigate her way through life and love. It sounds pretty generic, but it’s charming and I’m excited. It’s on the same night as New Girl so Tuesdays are going to be my favorite night now.

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Weird Couple News: That Guy from Nickelback and Avril Are Engaged

Oh, Canada! (Bieber’s gotta be invited to this, right?)

Hey guys. Sorry for the super-long hiatus (of…days), but we’re back! And with a doozy: Avril and that guy from Nickelback (his name is Chad Kroeger, FYI. Yep, didn’t know that either) are engaged. This news shocked everyone, but I was mostly shocked that this made news, considering how low these “stars” are on the celebrity totem pole.

Apparently, they had a whirlwind romance, starting in February when Chad helped Avril write a song for her new album (oh, dear lord, no music necessary Avril, seriously), and ending (or beginning for you romantics) with a 14-carat diamond engagement ring (DANG).

This is how sad things are: I didn’t even know she had split from Brody Jenner. Remember — that other relationship that made us scratch our heads. (C’mon the only Avril relationship that made sense was her and Deryck from Sum41, right?)

But really, I just feel sorry for the children, who will have to explain to their peers that they “never liked” their parents music, in hopes they won’t be ridiculed for life.

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