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Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills

Oopsies. We seemed to have gone on a bit of an extended hiatus. But no fear! We’re back! (Aren’t you thrilled?)

As I’ve been sick the past FOUR days (and counting), I thankfully had a few new DVDs to keep me from losing my sanity. One of which was the 80s Shelley Long classic, “Troop Beverly Hills.” I used to love this movie and would watch it over and over again. Can you blame me?

Here are 5 reasons why this movie is a must-see movie (and a must buy.)

1. It stars a young Jenny Lewis. Before she gets all indie and delivers as a totally awesome songstress, she’s a cute little girl just trying to reunite her parents, while keeping up with her gymnastics and staying fashionable with piled-high scrunchies.

2. You learn some sweet dance moves:

3. You really get inspired with your outfit choices. Honestly, if Phyllis can make a troop leader outfit look this good, the sky’s the limit!


4. If you don’t smile and sing along to “it’s cookie time,” you have no soul:

5. Speaking of, let’s get real: the main star of this movie is Tasha Scott, aka Jasmine Shakar, who’s the sassy daughter of a famous boxer. “Shake the man’s hand daddy AND LET’S BE ON OUR WAY.”

Did you love this movie as much as me? What are your favorite parts?

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Weird Couple News: That Guy from Nickelback and Avril Are Engaged

Oh, Canada! (Bieber’s gotta be invited to this, right?)

Hey guys. Sorry for the super-long hiatus (of…days), but we’re back! And with a doozy: Avril and that guy from Nickelback (his name is Chad Kroeger, FYI. Yep, didn’t know that either) are engaged. This news shocked everyone, but I was mostly shocked that this made news, considering how low these “stars” are on the celebrity totem pole.

Apparently, they had a whirlwind romance, starting in February when Chad helped Avril write a song for her new album (oh, dear lord, no music necessary Avril, seriously), and ending (or beginning for you romantics) with a 14-carat diamond engagement ring (DANG).

This is how sad things are: I didn’t even know she had split from Brody Jenner. Remember — that other relationship that made us scratch our heads. (C’mon the only Avril relationship that made sense was her and Deryck from Sum41, right?)

But really, I just feel sorry for the children, who will have to explain to their peers that they “never liked” their parents music, in hopes they won’t be ridiculed for life.

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K-Stew and R-Pat Debacle, Take 1

So, unless you were completely devoid of internet or socializing yesterday, you’ve probably heard about the Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with a 41-year-old married (and father of two) director, um, thing.

Then she issued a public apology. And then the director did too, of course, because after that it’s kind of like, alright cards out on the table and he doesn’t want to look like the jackass who didn’t apologize.

But this is my take on it: Why did she make this public apology?


Look, I’m very anti-acting-Stewart. She has like, two faces that she considers “acting.” The uninterested, I’m just a girl face and the scared/surprised face (same face, different emotions). But I don’t know, this seems a bit too much.

Do I think she should definitely fess up to her mistake? Sure. But to Rob, privately. Not to the public. It just looks like a young girl trying to save face or sell Twilight tickets, and I’m not sure what one to go with at this point.

From my roommate: “Or to romanticize it, she wanted to talk to Rob and he’s not answering so she made the apology public.”

And yeah, okay, maybe. She does say she loves him. Twice. But what little I know about Rob, besides his unkempt ways, is that he seems to be a pretty anti-media/public outcry type of person. Shit, they tried to hide their relationship for like, years. (Or at least one year.) So would he respond to a public apology? My guess: no.

But maybe it’s the last attempt of a desperate, young girl. Sometimes I can forget that K-Stew is only 22. Plenty of time for mistakes, dear, but my goodness I have to say: you really went big with this one.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see the Twilight-publicity stuff now. And what Rob does/says. Time will tell…

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Romeo + Juliet


This movie is (I will not use past tense) epic. It really is/was THE movie that everyone was obsessed with, mostly because it featured Leo DiCaprio in his prime.

I have to admit, the first time I saw this movie (it came out at the end of ’96, so I saw it on VHS in the comfort of my home in 1997) I was a little confused by the fact that it retained the original Shakespeare dialogue set in a warped, modern-day Verona. Granted, I wasn’t even 10 yet, but to a grade schooler that seemed a little off. No worries folks: I had an older sister, thank goodness, who saw the amazingness of this movie right away and owned it. As I kept watching it throughout the years, I want to point out these things that the movie has influenced me on:

1) Leo DiCaprio is the most beautiful man on earth. Honestly, Paul Rudd (whom I’m also obsessed with) pales in comparison. Sorry, Rudd.

2) With My-So Called Life and then this, I wanted to be Claire’s BFF.

3) This is one of the first movies where I was like, whoa that sex scene is like actually beautiful. And who didn’t love that sheet scene? For about .5 seconds I wanted to be a filmmaker because of this movie.

4) John Leguizamo really threw me off in the beginning because I only knew him from To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (which really is, like, the best movie that has the longest title, ever.) He can look menacing guys! He’s not just the prettiest drag queen.

5) I was really proud of myself for figuring out the whole water-importance theme early on. A ton of important scenes happen while surrounded by water (Romeo and Juliet seeing each other through a fish tank, the balcony scene happening in the pool, when he goes to her on the night of their wedding it’s raining and when he leaves he falls into the pool).

6) I became a bit obsessed with Radiohead after this movie, as they comprised the exit theme.

Who else is still obsessed with this movie? Side note: today, upon trying to find the movie on Netflix, the recommendation popped up for a Romeo and Juliet movie for kids centered around warring families of seals. Yes, seals.

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Songs That I Know All The Lyrics To, Part 1

I’m starting a lot of these “part ones” even though I realize a second, third or fourth post may never materialize, but it could, I guess. Because guys, I know a lot of song lyrics. As in, you could play a song that has been on the radio at least once and 90% of the time I will know all the lyrics. (Humblebrag?) Some of these songs, are cool to know, sure. Like when you’re at a bar bopping around on the dance floor and DMX’s “Party Up” comes on and everyone’s like, how does this short girl who was just singing “Call Me Maybe” know this? And how is she not afraid to say every (explicit) lyric? Well, I’m not guys. I’ll sing ALL OF THEM.

So here, my top 5 list of songs I know every lyric to and that really have come in handy throughout the years. This is pretty basic stuff. If you don’t know these, it may be time to brush up. (Cue up those spotify playlists!)

DMX “Party Up”

As mentioned, this is a classic. It has a lot of intense lyrics, and the flow is pretty slow so you can totally rap along without making a jackass of yourself (at least, more of one).

Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”

Ah, what a classic. Honestly, this will come up more times than you would think (or maybe that’s just me…)? Anyway, it’s a good one to know and has two of my favorite lyrics, ever: “Killin your brain like a poisonous mushroom” and “cookin MC’s like a pound of bacon” – ah, Vanilla, you lyrical mastermind.

Ciara ft Missy Elliott “One, Two Step”

I mean, honestly, this is still played. Regardless of your stance on that fact, it is, indeed a fact, so you should probably be safe and know the lyrics. I always loved them because my Myspace description used to be “I’m 5’2, I wanna dance with you and I’m sophisticated fun. I eat filet mignon, and I’m nice and young best believe I’m number one.” Yeah, not ashamed. I’m 5’2 guys! It was like she was writing my biography.

Jackson 5 “I Want You Back”

I mean, honestly, if you don’t know this song we probably can’t be friends.

Bell Biv Devoe “That Girl is Poison”

Wish I was kidding, but I’m not. This song was made in 1990, and people are still learning hip hop routines in dance class to this (seriously, 2009 right here) and DJs are remixing this ish in bars. Learn it, sing it, embrace it.

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Amazon Recommendation Realizations, Part 1

So recently I was gifted an Amazon Kindle Fire (wheee) and a gift card to their streaming video library, which is pretty much like iTunes movies. As I’ve squandered away the balance on rentals that make me look like a girl on the brink of puberty, I now get some recommendations that make me laugh and realize what terrible (non-redeemable) movies there are out there. Here are a few gems I’ve come across:

Labor Pains

Remember that time Lindsay Lohan was an actor trying to prove herself after her “bad girl” behavior went public? This probably wasn’t the way to do it, Linds. Synopsis: woman (that’s Lindsay, for all intents and purposes) pretends to be pregnant so she doesn’t get fired from her job. Sounds like a real kneeslapper eh? The “funny” part was that this movie was originally made for an actual film, to be released in theaters, and then they were apparently like, oh shit this is terrible and decided to just release it on ABC Family. I guess that beats the whole straight-to-DVD route, though right now I’m not exactly sure that’s true.

Another Cinderella Story

Cause clearly, we needed another. This movie centers around a young girl (Selena Gomez) who wants to impress a guy she has had a crush on forever, a pop star (and dancer). She’s a dancer, too! So she busts some moves, but yeah he doesn’t know it’s her and she has an evil stepmother and is anyone else bored yet? I’m all for terrible dance movies and fairytale plots, but when your body dance double is significantly different looking and the audience can LEGIT tell when you’re not the one doing the dancing (so like, every scene, Selena) it’s bad. Just bad.

Love Wrecked

I’m a pop culture lover, and honestly, I didn’t even know this existed. Amanda Bynes plays a girl obsessed with a celebrity guy. As she works at a tropical resort where he’s staying, she ends up saving him from a water incident and then convincing him that they’re on an island all alone and have to wait for help. But oops, yeah they’re just on the different side of the island. The guy from mean girls is in it as the best friend who doesn’t give her away because he is like, in love with the psycho. And the guy who yells “welcome to the OC bitch” is the celebrity. Yeah, things get weird, kids.

That’s all for now, though I’m sure there are more terrible recommendations in the future. I’m about to rent like, all the Step Ups, so get ready for terrible dance movie picks. Seriously, not a joke.

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Alex Pettyfer

Okay, so Sarah and I actually saw Magic Mike more than a week ago (how has it taken this long for that to come up!?) and it was delightful. Seriously, Matthew McConaughey straight up killed it! (Oh and Channing Tatum has some pretty sweet moves, naturally. I mean, he did inspire the story.)

But I felt very conflicted when it came to “The Kid” aka Alex Pettyfer. Here’s the thing: I know that I’m supposed to not like him, guys, because he’s apparently a diva/dick on set who thinks he’s amazing and deserves more than an actor who hasn’t made it yet (pssst… Alex — you haven’t made it yet, dude.) But this is the thing: he’s so pretty. In the words of Kelso from That 70s Show, he’s what they call “man pretty.” I’m not the only one who swooned — he’s dated two of his previous co-stars, Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron.

I guess I’ll just look at pictures of him playing with puppies and pretend he’s not a complete d-bag. Prove me wrong, Alex?

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Joshua Jackson

Man oh man, did I love this boy. It obviously started with Mighty Ducks, but really went full-force with Dawson’s Creek. Honestly, was there a more adorable slacker turned perfect boyfriend than Pacey Witter? (The answer is no.)

He’s just got that great boy-next-door charm. And really, when you play a character for five straight years, you’re mostly going to be known for that character. I don’t make the rules. So yeah, when Pacey whispers “I remember everything” to Joey at the dance, counts to ten before kissing her at Dawson’s aunt’s house and challenges Joey with a paintbrush and a wall, YEAH I’M GOING TO BE ALL ABOUT JOSHUA JACKSON.

And I know he’s now on a super popular show Fringe and has dated Diane Kruger for the past six years, making them pretty much Barbie and Ken of the Hollywood world, but with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes broken up, I don’t know Pacey/Josh… seems like you could really do some good there, what do you say?

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Friday Fashion Flashback: Tankinis

I understand these suckers are still in fashion, but around my middle school years, they became all the rage. (Had “tankini”, as a word, even existed before then? Not sure. UPDATE: NO, this tankinis were actually only made/marketed in the late 1990s.)

Basically, if a one piece and a bikini had a baby, this would be it. Leaving just a small band of skin around your stomach, these things were the height of fashion (and were great for those of us who were just a bit more modest at the pool.)

The worst offenders, though, would have to be the tankinis that had criss-cross straps in the back. It basically created this flap of fabric over your stomach, and your back was still entirely exposed. Talk about weird tan lines!

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Celeste and Jesse Forever

When my friend sent me this trailer, I knew I was in for something weepy. (She really likes to bum me out.) (Just kidding.) (Hi, Jaim.)

Anyway, I watched and thought to myself, if there’s one movie that could somehow physically make you weep and laugh at the same time, it would be this one. The movie stars comedic phenoms like Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, and Ari Graynor (who honestly, did an amazing job acting drunk for an entire movie during Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist), and basically yells Sam movie the entire time.

Honestly though, Rashida just seems like a rad person. Can we be friends? And I know Sarah has already professed her love for Andy, but I’m going to go on the record and say that I love him too. OKAY, SARAH?

And while I’m not sure that I can handle this in a theater (as I sniffle and pretend it’s allergies), I might have to just to see this when it comes out.

“Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?” Boom, real talk.

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