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It’s Been Awhile…

But I had to post this here because someone answered my prayers and brought Justin back to his true calling, music.

P.S. We’ll be back to actually posting things in 2013, we promise (we hope).



When I heard that Amy Heckerling and Alicia Silverstone (the ladies who brought us Clueless) were teaming up again to make a movie about vampires, I was intrigued and did a happy dance. Listen, I (like most of the world) love Clueless. And I have to admit, I do love vampires too. I watch True Blood and I’ve read all the Twilight books (don’t judge me). I haven’t seen all of Interview with a Vampire yet because Tom Cruise freaks me out now and I just can’t bring myself to see a prepubescent Kirsten Dunst make out with Brad Pitt.

Anyways, I was already excited that this movie was going to be Clueless-esque with vampires. And then, I realized something else while watching the trailer. Matthew “miracle legs” Crawley is in it, or as he’s known in real life, Dan Stevens! For those of you who don’t watch, Dan Stevens is from Downton Abbey and he’s part of a twosome on that show that I love so much. So obviously, now I’m even more excited to see this movie.

From the trailer, the plot seems to be about two lady vamps (Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter) who prowl the streets of New York looking for fun and men. Sidenote, but is anyone else thinking what would have happened if Carrie Bradshaw and the girls were vampires? One of the girls (Krysten) falls for a human with dreamy eyes (Dan Stevens) whose family is the Van Helsing clan (vampire hunters). Craziness ensues. There’s a vampire support group and vamps coming together to fight the hunters. And Wallace Shawn (Mr. Hall from Clueless) has a big role in the movie too! I can’t wait for this.

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Girl Crush: Mindy Kaling

So what’s been happening in the weeks that I’ve neglected our blog? I got caught up in the Olympics hype (specifically, the U.S. Men’s Basketball team, Nathan Adrian, and Samuel Jackson’s “live” tweets) and I became obsessed with Mindy Kaling. My life is crazy, right?

For those who don’t know about Mindy and are too lazy to read her Wikipedia article, she’s a Dartmouth grad who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office. She’s also the freaking co-executive producer and writer of the show too, btw. She’s also been in movies like No Strings AttachedThe Five Year Engagement, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. 

So, yes, I have a mild obsession with Mindy Kaling. How did I not know about her greatness before? Frankly, I think Kelly Kapoor on The Office is pretty annoying so maybe that deterred me from appreciating Mindy. I read her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and I fell in love. It was one of those books were you find yourself laughing out loud on the subway (real awk), nodding earnestly in agreement to everything said, and feeling really really depressed when it’s over. I kept thinking, “How did this girl read my mind and put it on paper? And hey, I should start putting my random and bizarre thoughts on paper so I can write an awesome book one day.” I just love Mindy because she’s so honest, hilarious, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind (even when it’s kind of crazy). I want to be her friend. Seriously, Mindy if you’re reading this can we hang out? I feel like we have so much in common and there wouldn’t be any weird pauses in conversation because we like to talk A LOT so we’ll probably just end up talking over one another. (And P.S., I totally agree with you on that whole chapter you wrote about men and boys and thank you for teaching me about Irish and French Exits.)

Anyways, after I finished the book there was a big void in my life. Fortunately, Mindy’s new pilot, The Mindy Project is available on Hulu, Fox, and some other sites. So of course I watched it last night. It was good, guys. Really funny and smart and I’m glad I get to see Chris Messina on my television at least once a week. I can’t wait to watch more episodes. In this show, Mindy plays an OB/GYN who has really awesome clothes and is trying to navigate her way through life and love. It sounds pretty generic, but it’s charming and I’m excited. It’s on the same night as New Girl so Tuesdays are going to be my favorite night now.

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5 Hot Under-the-Radar Olympians

The Olympics are finally underway and if you’re like me you’ve been glued to your TV or computers watching the events. I love the Olympics — crazy opening and closing ceremonies (Spice Girls, you better be there), incredibly talented and good-looking athletes, crazy comebacks or surprises, and just rooting for the home team (AMERICA!!!).

Sidenote: We all agree that those Opening Ceremonies were a little crazy, right? I did love the corgis, Mr. Bean, Harry Potter shout out, and the random tribute to NHS (thanks for saving me when I got strep throat during my semester abroad). Also, is it wrong that I have a strange obsession with the USA Men’s Basketball team? I mean, all those egos — what do they talk about? Do they play pranks on each other? And if you want some adorableness, please follow Kevin Love on Twitter.

As much as we love the sporting events, I think it’d be safe to say that we all enjoy the Olympics eye candy too. Now, I know Ryan “Let me see yo grillz” Lochte is getting a lot of hype this year. And Michael Phelps is always the golden boy. But what about those under the radar hotties? Here’s my top 5 (to be extra patriotic, I only chose Americans, but I will have to give two thumbs up to Camille Lacourt who’s a pretty swoonworthy guy).

1. Nathan Adrian

According to Wikipedia, Nathan’s half-Asian, he went to Berkeley, and he’s a pretty decent swimmer. He’s not bad on the eyes either — hello abs. I just like him cuz he’s smiling all the time and you can tell he’s just happy to be there. Also, I enjoy reading his tweets (Twitter aptitude is obviously a big factor on the attractiveness scale for me). His Twitter bio is “Swimmer, Olympian, Child at heart, and I don’t care if you think it is gross to brush my teeth in the shower!” What a goofball. I love it.

2. Ashton Eaton

I first came across Ashton during the Olympic trials (where he set a world record!). Dude was a beast then, so I decided it was best to root for him. He’s a decathlete which means he can run, throw stuff, and jump really far.

3. Matt Anderson

If I can’t have one of the swimmers, I’ll take one of the male volleyball players, please. These guys are really tall, super fit and pretty adorable. Matt Anderson definitely caught my eye when I was watching the US Men’s team play Serbia on Sunday. Look at that face — doesn’t it scream all-American to you? He’s pretty dreamy.

4. Kevin Love

Since I judge male attractiveness on Twitter activity, of course I had to put Kevin Love on my list. Even though I’m a Lakers fan, I’ll have to start paying more attention to the Timberwolves (does Justin own this team?) because of Mr. Love. Kevin loves posting photos on Instagram and Twitter, especially of all the hijinks the US Men’s team have gotten into this summer. He really likes to take pictures of his teammates when they’re sleeping on planes. And his commentary on photos is golden. My favorites include “Getting my Justin Timberlake on” with a photo of him modeling the opening ceremony outfit and “Glad I could add some color to the photo” with a photo of the team at dinner (because he’s the only white guy, get it?).

5. Cullen Jones

Maybe I should have chosen another guy from a different sport, but I just really like swimmers, okay? I think Cullen Jones is pretty precious. Those dimples just kill me. When he’s not competing, he  travels around the country to teach kids about the importance of knowing how to swim, so he’s a nice guy too. Fun fact: Did you know he almost drowned at a water park when he was 5?

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I’m On a Roll

You know those songs that you listen to while you’re getting ready to go out or those songs that you’re fist pumping (or bumpin and grindin or whatever weird dance you do when you’re 50% sober) and you’re kind of like “Wow this song doesn’t make any sense and it’s terrible but whenever it comes on I go crazy and start yelling and pretending I’m poppin’ some bottles in a Drake (or insert rapper of your choice here) video.” Well here’s a new club banger for ya. But I have to warn you, once you listen to it, you’ll never get it out of your head. Trust me, it’s been almost 10 days since I first listened to it and this damn song is still playing in my brain.

It’s called “I’m On a Roll” and it’s sung by Stefano. If any of you watched Season 10 of American Idol, you will recognize him as Stefano Langone, who made it to the top 7 and then got eliminated. By the way, it so happens that season 10 was when I started watching American Idol again — basically for Steven Tyler’s creepy antics and J.Lo’s sequined shorts (goshdarnit, I still need a pair!). Honestly, I’m not quite sure how he made it that far. He was a cute kid but he wasn’t the best singer.

So imagine my surprise when one night I’m at my friend’s apartment enjoying some margaritas when she shows me this music video on YouTube. Hey, that kid looks familiar! And then I watched the video and was speechless. Can we just talk about his facial expressions in this video? Seriously, someone make me some gifs of them. Those expressions of pure joy/surprise with his eyes popping out of his head in every shot? I can’t handle it. Also who is that random old guy who invites him to the pool party with all those girls? And of course there’s an obligatory rap interlude with some random rapper (further research tells me this guy is from the New Boyz). Plus, my absolute fave contestant on season 10 Casey Abrams makes an appearance as a hobo. This is the new song of the summer, guys. Forget Call Me Maybe.

It’s the best night of my life!

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Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and I have to admit I watched a little bit of it. But I also have to admit that I’m really missing the TCA’s of yesteryear. Maybe it’s because I’m not really part of that demographic anymore so it’s not really as relevant or exciting to me anymore. (Even though I am a 23-year-old with an appreciation for One Direction, Bieber and Selena Gomez.) But like now celebs only show up to the show if they actually win a surfboard and they peace out afterwards. I really think it’s lost its edge and has become a poor man’s version of the MTV Movie Awards and that’s saying a lot because the Movie Awards kinda sucked this year.

But remember when the Teen Choice Awards used to be so cool? I would spend the summer carefully selecting who I would vote for to win the coveted surfboard in categories like Choice Hottie (remember when Britney and Justin both won together?!). There were awesome performances from Aerosmith, Britney, N’SYNC, etc. And they had some pretty cool hosts too like H.Duff in 2005 (I think this was also the time she and LiLo were fighting and somehow Chad Michael Murray was in the middle of it because of Freaky Friday/A Cinderella Story), Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in 2004 (The Simple Life OMG), Jonas Brothers in 2009 and Miley in 2008.

While writing this post I was YouTubing some clips from previous years and I’ve come up with 5 of my favorites. Note that these are mostly from 2001 (the epic year of teen movies).


Basically this was a parody of Making the Band but for old men and it opened up the show in 2000. I just love that Justin, Chris and JC are jumping out of their seats and cracking up. Also, cue the obligatory B.Spears reaction shots.

Britney’s Medley

Because that white crop top and pants were the epitome of 90s Britney (The Britney doll I had when I was little wore that exact outfit). Plus, her dancing skills. She was the best.

Freddie Prinze Jr. wins Choice Hottie

It wouldn’t be 1999 without Freddie winning some surfboards. There is so much going on in this clip. Can we talk about his tie and suspenders? And Jared Padalecki pre-Gilmore Girls and Supernatural was passing out the surfboards this year. 

Let Me Blow Your Mind

Because I just love this song. And Keri Russell (Felicity!) makes an appearance in this clip. 

Miley Pole Dancing

Because this was when we were like, “We get it, Miley. You so wanted to get rid of that Disney Channel star image. You can’t be tamed.” But why did you have to make us feel so uncomfortable?

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Forgotten Movie: Down to You

I’m going to start recapping some forgotten movies of yesteryear in some posts. You know the movies you saw in theaters or rented from Blockbuster once and totally forgot about? Let’s face it, there are a lot of movies that come out every year. They can’t always be memorable right? But you see, I kinda love this underrated Freddie Prinze Jr. movie called Down to You. My first celeb crush Freddie did a lot of romcoms during the late 90s, early 2000s. A lot of people forget this one ever existed.

Down to You paired Julia Stiles and Freddie Prinze Jr. together. I think the casting directors thought She’s All That 10 Things I Hate About You = $$$$. Well, it didn’t work out like that. I still loved it and owned it on VHS and watched it over and over again (when my VHS tape of She’s All That was in the tape rewinder). Anyways, this college student named Al (Freddie) meets this freshman Imogen (Julia) and fall in love. Imogen gets freaked out by commitment (classic romcom plot device). There’s also a pregnancy scare, meddling friends and the temptation to cheat. They break up of course. Al is in despair and he almost commits suicide by drinking Imogen’s shampoo. It’s weird. But ultimately they decide it all comes down to you (cheesin’) and they get back together. The end scene is Freddie mouthing the words to a Barry White song. Need I say more?

Now you’re probably thinking that this is just some generic romcom, but the movie does have some really surprising gems. Did I mention that Freddie is an aspiring chef who wants to be like his dad who’s a celeb chef and is also played by the Fonze aka Harry Winkler? Yeah, that happened. Also, this movie has some porn star elements since Al’s friend is a porn star actor and director. Ashton Kutcher has a role as the wannabe Jim Morrison porn star dude who comes between the lovebirds. Selma Blair makes an appearance as a porn star too. Oh! And Rosario Dawson is in this movie as well. I mean, talk about some crazy casting. Jimmy Kimmel even makes a cameo in a scene where Al watches The Man Show (Jimmy’s old talk show). It’s a lot to take in, I know.

I wish I still had my old VHS copy and a VHS player because I would totally be watching this movie right now.

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As I referenced in my post about my love for  The WB, I was a big fan of the show Popular. A little Mean Girls, a little Gossip Girl, this show as about cliques and the social hierarchy of high school. It starred Leslie Bibb (who’s been in a couple movies like Iron Man and Talladega Nights) and Carly Pope (not quite sure what she’s been in lately). Leslie’s character,  Brooke, was the super popular cheerleader with the hot bf and and Carly’s character, Sam, was the unpopular smart girl with a nerdy best friend who pines after her. Sounds like a pretty standard high school drama premise, right?

Well, this show was created by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story), so of course there were some twists and turns. Sam and Brooke’s single parents meet and fall in love, get married and  have a kid together. Sam and Brooke eventually fight over Harrison. Josh, Brooke’s football player boyfriend, starts dating Sam’s environmental activist friend, Lily, and they get married. Sidenote: I absolutely hate when teenage characters get married. Yeah, I’m looking at you Cory and Topanga (okay you got married in college, but still), Haley and Nathan from One Tree Hill and Finn and Rachel (well, almost, thank god Quinn got in that car accident). Anyways, there were also some crazy peripheral characters like Mary Cherry, a crazy and vapid cheerleader, Nicole, scary psychopath cheerleader, and Mike “Sugar Daddy” Bernardino, an overweight wanna gangsta.

I really loved this show and I’m still disappointed that it was cancelled after only two seasons. Plus, that series finale was crazy. SPOILER ALERT: The last scene shows Nicole running over Brooke with her car. And that’s the end of it. Seriously. We don’t know if she dies or not.

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Easy Bake Oven

Every girl (and maybe a handful of boys) had one of these when they were younger. Am I right? They were our first foray (and possibly last, for some of us who are culinary-challenged) into baking and cooking. The commercials led you to believe that delicious cakes and cookies would come out of it in a matter of minutes. In reality, the results were more like slightly-baked messes that you would feed to your dog or parents or guinea pig younger siblings. I mean, baking something in a toy? That can’t be good. Especially if the only ingredient you add to the mix is water.

But for some reason we loved them! I remember going over to my best friend’s house and baking up a storm. You added water to the mix, stirred it up and popped it in the oven like a couple minutes and surprise! You baked. We really enjoyed putting icing and decorating the cakes too and selling them at our lemonade stand. Yes, we had a lemonade stand, but it was more like a Tang stand and the only people who would visit it were the brothers next door who would just wreck havoc. Oh, childhood, I miss you so.

In addition to the Easy Bake Oven, Hasbro came out with a version with a blender so you can make drinks. I had one of those but I can’t remember what they called it and after 20 minutes of intense googling, I gave up. So if you had one and know what it’s called can you please put me out of my misery and let me know what it was? It’s gonna bug me.

They’re still making Easy Bake Ovens and apparently they made a version for boys in 2002. And in 2007, there was a recall because they realized that kids could get there hands stuck in the oven and burn themselves. Which makes me wonder why they didn’t think it was a hazard in the first place. And last year the ovens went “green” and now have halogen lightbulbs.

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Friday Fashion Flashback: Stretchy Headbands


Remember those thick, stretchy headbands in the 90s? That’s actually a style that I can realistically see people bringing back in 2012 and beyond. It’s not ridiculous (i.e. butterfly clips and hair chopsticks) and it’s pretty convenient and easy. Plus, aren’t headbands still cool or was that circa 2007 and Gossip Girl?

The only beef I had with these things is that I could never wear them. They never stuck on my head — maybe my hair was too slippery? Is that even possible? Plus, I had bangs so whenever I tried to sweep my bangs back with the headband, there would be these weird ends sticking up. I looked bad. But I so wished I had long hair and no bangs to pull of the look. Even so, I still had a whole bunch of them in different colors and patterns.

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