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S/S Saturday Selects: The Best American Girl (Doll)

This week we cast our vote for our favorite American Girl Doll. Considering this was every girl’s dream/life in the 90s, we understand how controversial this topic is. We take this very seriously.

Sup, I'm Sam.

Sam’s Pick: Samantha Parkington

I mean, really, was there ever a question? Besides having the best name, she is a BAMF. Ready? Here we go: First off, she’s an orphan being raised by her grandmother (along with random visits by her uncle and his new wife). Her parents died in a boating accident when she was five, and she carries their pictures around in a locket (aww). I mean, that’s got to be hard. Second, she befriends her neighbor’s servant girl, Nellie, and Nellie becomes her best friend. Like, girl’s not bratty. She even teaches her how to read, and saves her from factory work. (She later is adopted by her Uncle, along with Nellie and her sisters. BAM. She just got that girl an upgrade in life, whattup). Third, she may have grown up in the Edwardian Era (read: dresses and stockings), but she climbs trees, sneaks off (shame!) and gets into fights with the neighbor boy, Eddie. She’s so cool.

She either wants to be a painter or the first female US President. Yes, you read that right, PRESIDENT. Girl’s gonna run things. Progressive! She believes in women’s rights and marches with her aunt in the suffrage movement. (So, just to recap: she takes on class injustice and then champions women’s rights.) HONESTLY DO I NEED TO GO ON? Samantha’s got my vote.

Sweet beret

Sarah’s Pick: Molly McIntire

American Girl dolls are a touchy subject for me. First, my parents never bought me one so I felt really left out. I wanted one so badly. Second, don’t even get me started on my frustration that they don’t have an Asian one. Let’s see, they have a Native American, a Hispanic and an African American. Where’s the Chinese girl at? Yeah, that’s lame.

But you know what? Even though I didn’t identify racially with any of these dolls, I still devoured the books. My favorite was Molly. She grew up during World War II and her doctor dad was away from home working in the U.S. Medical Corps. Now, I’m not sure why I liked her so much because she was kind of the dorky one. But we were kindred spirits: we both wore geeky glasses, we were attention-seekers and we talked A LOT, we were obsessed with dressing up and we were both really bad at math. Pretty much soul mates. She was kind of mischievous and broke the rules sometimes, like remember when she wouldn’t eat her turnips at dinner and her mean babysitter wouldn’t let her leave the table? How rude. Plus, Molly got a dog for her birthday. It was a Jack Russell terrier (cute!) and she named him Bennett. I love dogs, so that’s a big win in my book.

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S/S Saturday Selects: People Who Should Be More Famous

This week, we’re talking about people who should be more famous than they actually are. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

No Tim Riggins hair, but still dreamy.

Sarah’s pick: Taylor Kitsch

Okay, I’m apparently really late to the party on this, but I recently started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix and I’m so obsessed. Ever since I started watching, I’ve fallen in love with Tim Riggins and by proxy, the man who plays him, Taylor Kitsch. He’s the bad boy with a sensitive soul, who doesn’t love that? Plus, Taylor has a hot bod and he’s a pretty good actor. And can we just talk about how precious he was with his neighbor/lover’s kid in season 1? I love a man who has an appreciation for kiddos.

So naturally, after obsessing and making schmoopy faces at my computer screen, I had to wikipedia/imdb Taylor Kitsch. I learned he’s Canadian and played hockey, pretty standard. He was an Abercrombie and Fitch model, I’m hoping it was when Abercrombie and Fitch was still cool. But the real kicker (football pun intended) is…he was homeless in New York for a while! What?! Homeless with that pretty face? I’ve seen A LOT of homeless people in New York and I’ve never seen one that looks like Taylor Kitsch. He was apparently trying to make it as an actor/model and flat broke, so he took to sleeping in subway cars and whatnot.

What a true underdog story. I love it. But he definitely needs more exposure. It’s kind of crazy that he’s not a bigger star right now. He’s been in such gems like John Tucker Must Die and Snakes on a Plane (um, what). But he was also in one of those X-Men movies – that’s gotta mean something right? He should’ve blown up on the scene after that John Carter movie came out recently. It apparently cost Disney a fortune to make. But did anyone look at the movie title and then the trailer and think, “Huh?” John Carter isn’t what you name a movie about the future in space where Taylor Kitsch dresses like a caveman. No, John Carter could be the name of Denzel Washington movie where he plays a cop, lawyer or football coach.

I really think Taylor’s time for A-List status will come soon. His movie Battleship (with Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard) is coming out this month. And he’s going to be in an Oliver Stone movie called Savages with Blake Lively, John Travolta and Aaron Johnson. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. I hope.

Sam’s Pick: Michael Angarano 

Okay, honestly, I don’t really understand what’s happening here. Cute, good-looking guy? Check. That Hollywood limbo age of 25 which means he can play anywhere between a 30-something and teen? Check. Great, great roles that would make other actors go green with envy? Check.

It’s really bizarre. He’s kind of famous, but not too famous. The kind of famous where one would probably think, “I’ve seen him somewhere”, but not necessarily connect it with him, um, being in a zillion movies and TV shows. So, to give you a quick breakdown, he played a young William in the classic Almost Famous (“I’m 12?! This. Explains. So much…”) and had a recurring role as Jack’s son on Will & Grace. He was in Speak, the movie adaptation of the novel, with Kristen Stewart (They started dating two years later, and dated for THREE YEARS which in Hollywood time is like, marriage, and then was dumped for Robert Pattinson once she started filming Twilight. WHERE ARE HIS PITY ADMIRERS?!) and was in the teen-superhero film Sky High, which actually was quite excellent, and has gone on to the ABC Family pool of teen films to play over and over again. He was in Lords of Dogtown! Like, what does this kid have to star in to start getting some serious attention round here? He’s basically connected to everyone in Hollywood at this point. He’s had a few magazine profiles, but nothing crazy. I just want to be his publicist.

His most recent memorable role was starring alongside Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore in The Art of Getting By, but after that it’s been kind of going downhill. MICHAEL, WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Get some better roles, man. And if you can’t, then take some more acting classes and get better. I’m really rooting for you here. Let’s do this.

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S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Disney Channel Movie

It’s time… to name our favorite disney channel movie.

Sam’s Pick: Brink!

This was a bit tough. Though I love Johnny Tsunami and Zenon was my girl, Brink! clearly takes the cake. What’s more extreme than in-line skaters? Nothing. What’s better than Erik von Detten with his cool, laidback attitude and stringy, tousled hair that hung in his eyes? NOTHING. (related: what happened to this kid?)

In a nutshell: Andy “Brink” Brinkers and his crew (Jordy, Peter, and Gabriella) skate for the love of it. They are “soul skaters.” Team X-Bladz, led by crazy psycho Val, skates for the money. They’re sponsored skaters. Brink is living his life and then he learns that his family is broke (damn). To save his fam, he joins the sponsored team to earn some cash monay. He realizes it’s not worth it, however, when he starts changing and his friends get hurt. (Literally. Gabriella goes down hard.)

This movie is just pure, Disney gold. They wear helmets (safety first) and keep fit. They keep practicing and push being a good person. He values his family! Ugh. I just love it so much. Plus, how can you beat the 90s dialogue? “Val and his crew were dissin’ us. We started givin’ ’em beef right back, but they wanted to hit it right there at school. Clearly, we couldn’t step off, so we had to battle.” CLEARLY.


Sarah’s Pick: Life Size

Okay, I know Life Size wasn’t on the Disney Channel. But you know what? I didn’t have cable as a child. Yeah, I was pretty much deprived. So the only time I got to watch quality TV besides TGIF was when I watched the Wonderful World of Disney on ABC. Anyone remember that program on Sunday nights? Some pretty classic movies came out of that, like My Date with the President’s Daughter (Eric from Boy Meets World!), Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston (RIP) and Toothless with Kirstie Alley. Such gems.

I was really intrigued by Life Size. One, because it starred Tyra Banks who was pre-America’s Next Top Model and post-Fresh Prince of Bel Air at this point. And two, because of Lindsay Lohan. I don’t know about you, but I was obsessed with Lindsay Lohan when The Parent Trap came out. I wanted to be her. But like after The Parent Trap she kind of went away for a little bit. Maybe she was off being a normal kid or something. Then finally she made it back to the spotlight with this made-for-TV movie.

So basically the premise of the movie is Lindsay’s character Casey is a tomboy who plays football. Like in every Disney movie, her mom’s dead. She uses this book of magic to bring back her mother but she accidentally brings her “Eve” doll (aka Barbie Tyra Banks) to life. At first Casey is really mad that she made the dumb doll come alive instead of her mother. But then they become friends. When Casey is able to undo the spell, she doesn’t want to because she likes Eve, but Eve is super homesick. So Eve decides to undo it herself and goes back home. They all dance to an amazing theme song and the end.

“Shine bright, shine far, don’t be shy be a star. Where you live, where you are be a starrrr.” What a great movie.

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S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Spice Girl

Girl Power! This week we discuss our favorite member of the Spice Girls. And since we both went to the reunion tour, we’re def talking about that, too.

Sarah’s pick: Ginger Spice

Oh the Spice Girls. They really played a big part in my childhood. And like I said in my bio, I have them and Gloria Steinem to thank for teaching me about women’s rights. Girl Power! Ginger (aka Geri Halliwell) was awesome and my favorite. She was probably the sluttiest one of all of them (hello, Union Jack dress with her knickers showing?). She was just so feisty and fun, but without veering towards Scary. When she left the Spice Girls, I was devastated. How could she do that? That was basically the end of the band. I never got to see them in concert! I remember being really upset and I probably cried into one of my Spice Girls t-shirts, but blocked that bad memory out of my mind.

So when the reunion tour came, I was vigilant about getting tickets. I had to go to that concert. I went with two friends to the concert in Newark. It was quite a trek for a little freshman at NYU to travel on the PATH to scary Newark. A homeless man yelled at my roommate on the train. But for the Spice Girls I would do anything. My friends and I made shirts that said “Zig,” “A-Zig,” “Ah.” It was a magical experience. I bought maybe $100 worth of Spice Girls paraphernalia, including a ring, a t-shirt and a glow stick. I was a preteen again. And even though they weren’t the best singers ever and Geri messed up during Wannabe, it was still a realization of my childhood fantasies come true. Dancing to all my favorite songs live really brought me back to the elaborate concerts my friends and I used to have at sleepovers and solo dance parties that I used to have in my room. I LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS.

Sam’s Pick: Posh Spice

I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls. I had notebooks. I ate those stupid chupa chup lollipops. I watched Spice World 3893 times (full disclosure: I have the DVD.) I would flash the piece sign more than anyone should, ever. I would constantly sing their songs everywhere I went. (but not too loudly… I was pretty shy.) I always recommended the Spice Girls for my dance classes. They didn’t listen. Whatever, I danced at home to their songs anyway.

My favorite Spice Girl? Obviously Posh Spice. She was classy, cool, and she wore really short black skirts and high heels. It was awesome. (And apparently, I wasn’t the only one to choose Posh as their favorite: Everyone’s seen David Beckham, right?! I rest my case.)

I went to their reunion show in Chicago as a sophomore in college. There were ten of us. Yes, you read that right. TEN OF US. The Spice Girls love is rampant. We all dressed as our favorite. There were three baby’s, two Posh’s, two Sporty’s, two Ginger’s and one Scary Spice. (Sorry, Scary.)

Yeah, I wasn't kidding...

I never danced so much at a concert. I’m not ashamed. My love for the Spice Girls will continue on. (As will my love for flashing the peace sign. Not apologizing for it.) SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.

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