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S/S Saturday Selects: The 90s Toy We Loved

Last week we talked about the 90s toy we hated. Now we’re picking our favorite one.

Sarah’s Pick: Nano Baby

I think Barbies and my Nano Baby are tied as my favorite toy. But Nano pulls a little ahead because it was just a total 90s fad toy. Remember when they were big and everyone had to have them. I remember driving my mom crazy because she couldn’t find the Nano Baby anywhere. They were sold out and I couldn’t have a Tamagotchi because those just weren’t cool at my school. I had to have the Baby version, not the cat or dog and especially not the alien one. What can I say? I’ve always loved babies.

It came with a handy little clip that you could attach to your clothes so that you couldn’t slack off on taking care of your Nano. You took it everywhere with you, perhaps this was just training for our addiction to our cell phones. You had to feed it, clean up its poop, bathe it and entertain it. Like a real baby! I think the longest mine ever lasted was 5 days. I found my Nano Baby last summer when I was home, I was curious to see if it still worked but for some reason I couldn’t open it up to change the battery. Such a bummer.

Sam’s Pick: Polly Pocket

First, let’s get real: I was obsessed with all kinds of toys. GIMME ALL DA TOYS. That really was my motto (also replace “toys” with “candy” and that was my second life motto). But one toy that I really did enjoy was Polly Pocket.

I started out small, with a normal one that actually was able to fit in your pocket. I think it was just a house or something. Polly is like, the size of a nickel and you can walk her around her little abode that pops open like a clam. There was also one that was a castle, and that was pretty cool too. She was a princess! She could wear a crown! She had a mini-horse! It was shaped like a heart! I mean, pretty cute. My favorite one was the one that was shaped like a star (pictured). It lit up and had an effing hot air balloon. Oh, it also had a brunette, which like, was cool (NOT EVERYONE’S A BLONDE, GUYS).

The thing is, looking back, I’m wondering why these brought me so much joy. Honestly, you marched a little figure up and down some stairs and like, your finger was bigger than the figure, so you’d have to hold them by the head and what the heck, how did I spend HOURS with these?

Later on, they came out with bigger “Polly Pocket” dolls with cars, etc. that competed with Barbie. I really didn’t get that. THE NAME SAYS POCKET, SHE BETTER BE ABLE TO FIT IN ONE. Logic, guys. It really bugged me.

Anyway, loved these toys, but don’t know why. The end.

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S/S Saturday Selects: The 90s Toy We Hated

As kids, we loved toys. But there were some we also despised. Here are our picks for the WORST 90s toy.

Sam’s pick: Furby 

Honestly, could toys get any creepier? This could stem from the fact that these toys look like Gremlins-come-to-life, but it was a bit more than that (even though, I think that’s reason enough). First, they sensed when you were around. Second, their eyes made this weird robotic sound when they opened. And third, they started out with their own language and could “communicate” with other furbies. UM, GET OUT OF MY ROOM.

Seriously, I was not a fan. I know they sparked like this craze and people paid mad money to get these, but I call those people suckers. Honestly, give me my Teddy Ruxpin that tells me cool stories as opposed to these demon creatures that look like effing monsters under my bed. Seriously, no thanks.

Sarah’s pick: Skip It 

Yeah, you read that right. I was not a fan of the Skip It. It might be beloved to most, but for me, I just didn’t know how to use one properly. Therefore, I was frustrated and hated the stupid toy. When I was little (and this probably goes for my adult life too), I didn’t have good hand-eye coordination. I didn’t really like playing outside all that much (Barbies and Polly Pockets indoors was my ideal playtime). I wasn’t very physical and I hated sports. So you see why a Skip It and I wouldn’t be the perfect match.

And before you say that I didn’t give it enough tries. I DID. I really wanted to like Skip Its. They came in cool colors and had a cool theme song “Skip It, Skip It…” I just couldn’t do it and when I tried I would bruise my legs and feet because that damn counter thing/ball would end up hitting me a ton of times. Also, if you’re smart and are putting two and two together. Since I was terrible at Skip It, yes, I’m bad at jump rope too.

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S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Britney Spears Music Video

Guys, did you know that Britney made 32 music videos? Dang, gurl, that’s a lot of dancing, writhing and lip-syncing. This week we’re talking about our fave Britney video.

Sarah’s Pick: Stronger

This one was really hard. Britney just makes epic music videos (honorable mentions for me include Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy, Toxic, Circus and 3). But I gotta go with Stronger. Solely based on the fact that she looks AMAZING dancing on that chair. That was epic. That’s pure talent right there. Say what you want about Britney’s voice or whatever, but girl could dance. That ain’t no body double. She’s jumping off the chair, getting back on it, standing on the back of it, it’s perfect.  She’s also so sassy in the beginning of the video when she sees her boyfriend (ex?) out with another girl: “Whatever.” Go Brit.

The Stronger era was definitely around Britney’s prime. Look at those abs! Her belly button ring! She was 18 or 19 around the time she made that video. Um, what. I didn’t even look like that when I was that age. You have to watch the MTV Making the Video episode for Stronger where she rehearses the chair dance and falls and she’s just so silly in this video. I love her.

Fun fact, one time while getting ready for Friday night festivities, I watched the music video while I was getting ready. Then I watched it again and again and again. I almost didn’t make it out that night because I was entranced.

Sam’s Pick: I’m a Slave 4 U

Like Sarah said, picking just one video was really difficult. I love Britney, and two of my favorites include Toxic and Womanizer (I guess I really love Britney in wigs). I also really loved Drive Me Crazy, and who could forget the catholic outfit that had a million guys creepin: Baby One More Time?

Anyway, when it came down to it, I had to go with I’m a Slave 4 U. First off, this video is HOT. Literally, too, because everyone is super-sweaty. The dancing is ON POINT and I really wanted that pink top. Everything was just super-sultry.

This was also a MTV Making the Video special, and she performed it at the 2001 MTV Music Awards, carrying around a snake on her shoulders. Yes, a SNAKE. Things got mad exotic, y’all.

Honestly, you can’t tell me this wasn’t Britney at her best.

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S/S Saturday Selects: What Emma Would We Want to Be Friends With?

There’s so many Emmas in Hollywood nowadays. I can think of three off the top of my head: Emma Roberts, Emma Watson and Emma Stone. So, naturally, we want to play the bestie game. BOOM:

Sam’s Pick: Emma Roberts

While Emma Stone is hilarious and Emma Stone looks like an ethereal fairy, I think Emma Roberts would be my choice for BFF. I’m basing this solely off of her choice of roles and social media, obviously, but here’s three solid reasons why she would make the best mate (using that solely in the Australian lingo, as in friend, folks).

1) She dated Alex Pettyfer and is dating Chord Overstreet. Like, girls got good taste (and yes, I know Alex is like, a terrible human being or something, but he’s still man candy, okay?).

2) She’s got a good head on her shoulders: she’s really tried to get away from being “Julia Roberts’ niece” and has done some indie stuff as well as some mainstream stuff. Range!

3) This tweet pretty much seals the deal: @RobertsEmma Are there really people who exist who feel good after the gym? Trying to be like that but usually I need a nap and a pizza afterward.


Sarah’s Pick: Emma Stone

It’s a little embarrassing how much I gush about Emma Stone to my real-life friends. Sam has definitely been there for a couple of Emma-worshipping convos. I really do think me, Emma and Jennifer Lawrence (girl crush #2) would be the three best friends that anybody could have.

What’s not to love about Emma Stone? She’s gorgeous (for reference: Vanity Fair August 2011, Teen Vogue September 2011 and all of her Revlon ads). She’s really freakin’ funny and has the biggest mouth ever (I myself have a very large mouth and like to talk A LOT). She’s a good actress. I want her wardrobe. Her boyfriend Andrew Garfield is pretty dreamy. I mean, the list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing, with real-life friends, you’re happy and proud of their accomplishments. You want them to do well in life. You aren’t really jealous of them (sometimes). Well guess what? I’m really happy for Emma Stone and I’m not jealous of her at all. I want her to have a hot boyfriend and a bunch of awesome movie roles. I’m glad she got to kiss Ryan Gosling and be the Baby to his Johnny in Crazy Stupid Love. I feel the same way about Emma’s accomplishments as I do with my other friends’ accomplishments. Sure, my friends’ achievements may not be on par with Emma’s. It wouldn’t be like “I’m so proud of you for presenting at the Academy Awards,” but more like “I’m really proud that you paid your rent this month and didn’t max out your credit card.” But still, being proud of something is essentially the same feeling right?

That means we’re one step closer to being real friends, Emma. I just have to meet your first. And hopefully you aren’t too creeped out by me after reading this. Call me?

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S/S Saturday Selects: Favorite Amanda Bynes Movie

What is going on with Amanda Bynes these days? First she quit acting and then un-quit acting. Then she gets a DUI and has terrible pink (or was it lavender?) hair in her mugshot. This is a cry for help and she better not turn into Lindsay Lohan. Here, we reminisce about how great her movies were.

Sarah’s Pick: What a Girl Wants

This movie was her big jump from Nickelodeon to more mainstream stuff. I LOVED this movie. I still do. I can watch it anytime, anywhere and over and over again. I think my friend and I watched this movie about 5 times in one day (we just fast-forwarded to all our fave parts). I love her clothes in it, her boy and the fact that it’s set in London (hello, true Anglophile here).

What’s not to love about this movie? Cool chick runs off to London to find her dad, who’s played by Colin Firth. I’m a little confused about Colin’s appearance in this movie. Not that I don’t like him, in fact, he’s one of my favorite actors. But how did he end up in a teen comedy? Was he hard up for cash that year? Anyways, Amanda’s character runs away to find her long lost father and meets a cute musician along the way. She stays with her rich dad and gets introduced to society. She doesn’t belong at first and drama unfolds. It has all the making of a classic Amanda Bynes movie — slapstick comedy, cute boy, quirky and a little bit wild girl and of course, being true to yourself.

I really want to watch this movie right now.

Sam’s Pick: She’s The Man

Do you like cheese? Um, yes Channing Tatum I do.

Lost yet? This was my favorite Amanda Bynes movie (not that there’s that many to choose from, but we did all see Big Fat Liar, right? Oh Frankie Muniz…) Anyway, off-topic. Essentially, this is the new take on Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night, where Bynes pretends to be her brother to get on another school’s boys soccer team so she can beat her old school’s boys soccer team and prove that she is awesome and they’re sexist pigs.

During her stint at this new school, she falls in love with her roomie (duh, he’s Channing Tatum), gets crushed on by the most popular girl in school, and has to deal with her brother getting back from London just a tad sooner than she had planned. Not that Bynes is particularly believable as a dude, but her face expressions coupled with some amazing lines/dialogue (“Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours”) make this movie a winner in my book. (me and my friends may still quote it from time to time.)

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S/S Saturday Selects: Girl Groups We Wish Would Make a Comeback

The late 90s/early 2000s were filled with awesome girl groups, mostly of the pop and R&B variety. Here we pick the ones we wish would make a comeback:

"blowin up my pager say you want a chance, listen when I say player please"

Sam’s Pick: 3LW

Okay, first, if I’m being completely honest my first pick would be Dream, but considering I just wrote about them, I thought it would be fair to reminisce/talk about another group that was definitely in rotation: 3LW.

Baby I’mma Do Right was my Jam. Playas gon play? Yeah, that was my jam too. Basically, everything was right with the world until they got rid of the one girl and decided to join Raven Symone and some other chick in a Disney movie/girl group: The Cheetah Girls. WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!

Let’s get some more great lines, like “here go a quarter go call Tyrone” and we’ll be set, okay guys? Thanks.

Sarah’s Pick: Nobody’s Angel

You’re probably thinking, “Who?” That’s okay. They only had one hit song, “If You Wanna Dance.” If you listen to it, I guarantee you’ll go, “Ohhh, that song!”

I was really stumped when I was thinking of girl groups that I want to make a comeback then I remembered that song and had to Wikipedia them. After I found this little nugget of information I knew they had to be my pick: Jennie Kwan (a.k.a Sam from California Dreams) replaced one of the original members of the band! Um, Sam was in a real life band? Crazy.

Anyways, they were in a couple of Disney soundtracks here and there (The Parent Trap, 101 Dalmatians, and The Princess Diaries) so I guess they were pretty legit. Can they reunite and can Jennie Kwan bring her other California Dreams friends too, please?

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S/S Saturday Selects: Best Disney Princess Movie

We’re girls. We grew up in the 90s. Ipso facto, we devoured disney princess movies like they were candy. Here, our favorite Disney princess movie:

Sam’s Pick: Beauty and the Beast

When I was little, I wanted to BE Belle. She was the prettiest, coolest and most amazing of the Princesses. Why? Well let’s see:

1) She read a lot, just like me! We were nerds and it was celebrated! (Full disclosure: I still dream of having a bookcase with a ladder, and I intend on fulfilling this dream.)

2) She knew Gaston was gross, even though he had tons of muscles. She wasn’t fooled — he was stupid, and girls should hold out for guys with some brains.

3) She values her family! She saves her dad from the beast cause she knows he’ll die if he stays there. Ugh, heartbreaking.

4) She wore blue. I loved the color blue.

5) We all remember that gold dress, right? Yeah, that sucker was BEAUTIFUL. I thought it was going to be my wedding dress. I am not kidding. I also made my mom spend like sixty bucks on a costume that had a hoop skirt for Halloween, because it was the closest thing I could find to Belle’s dress, after I promised I’d wear it at least twice for Halloween. (I danced around in my room to Tale as Old as Time. It was magical.)

But honestly, this movie was the best in terms of lessons for young girls (well, except that whole hostage thing.) It celebrated being yourself! It celebrated literacy! It celebrated inner beauty and kindness! Honestly, that pretty much rules. (The tunes weren’t bad either.)

Sarah’s Pick: Mulan

Okay, okay. I know she isn’t a princess. But can you please let me have my moment? This is the only Chinese Disney heroine we’re talking about. So I’m gonna say she’s my fave girl. She was my role model. I had everything Mulan growing up — the doll, a Mulan movie party when it premiered, the costume, etc. I was obsessed.

Unlike some other Disney princesses (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White), Mulan didn’t need a man to do her dirty work. She took care of her own business. She was badass. First, she disguises herself and enters the army because she doesn’t want her elderly dad to fight (she’s loyal, duh!). Pretty darn brave. Then she trains to be a kickass warrior (cue “I’ll Make a Man Out of You“). Then she saves everyone’s butts by warning them about the Huns and does some intense fighting on the roof. The bad guys are defeated and everyone realizes how awesome Mulan is even though she’s a girl. Breaking that glass ceiling one Hun at time. Oh yeah and she got the hottie at the end.

Plus, who can forget the awesome soundtrack? “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera. “True to Your Heart” with 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder (um, best combo ever). “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” with Donny Osmond. AMAZING.

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S/S Saturday Selects: Best MMC Alum

This week we’re picking our favorite The All-New Mickey Mouse Club alum (and we’re talking the 90s MMC, not 50s. Sorry, Annette)

no caption necessary

Sam’s pick: Ryan Gosling

I mean, duh. Honestly, I was about to just leave it at that and call it a day. If the 2903290 viral memes about this man didn’t clue you in, everyone’s in love with the Gos. I’m not entirely sure when the rest of the world caught on, considering I’ve been eyeing this hottie since his (yep) MMC days. That’s not an exaggeration. You can ask anyone.

I think it had something to do with this:

Straight up sex appeal. But in all seriousness, Ryan has proven that he’s an amazingly talented guy, working on dozens of films including (the cheese-tastic classic) The Notebook, Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, and most recently, Drive. In his off-time, he plays music and breaks up fights in NYC that are captured on video and cause a frenzy on YouTube.

But the best part about Ryan? He has a sense of humor about himself. Take him reading his “Hey Girl…” memes. That shit is gold. Ryan, marry me?

She was on MMC?!

Sarah’s pick: Keri Russell

You thought I was going to pick Britney or Justin, didn’t you? Nope, it’s gotta be Felicity Porter Keri Russell. Simply because sometimes I can’t even believe that she was in the MMC and also because I just love Felicity so much. Sidenote, I went to college in New York and it still baffles me that my life didn’t mirror Felicity Porter’s. Where was my Noel and Ben goshdarnit!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Britney, Justin and Christina (let’s not forget JC Chasez, either), but Keri Russell came out of the MMC as a normal person. Sure, she had some rough times, like she pulled a Britney before it was even a Britney when she chopped off her beautiful hair (why God why?!) at the beginning of Felicity’s second season. That was a ratings slump. But overall, Keri’s made some pretty good career and life decisions. Besides Felicity, she’s been in movies like Waitress, August Rush and Mission Impossible III. And she was also in a fantastically cheesy but heartwarming Hallmark movie called The Magic of Ordinary Days.  It was cute, like those Sarah, Plain and Tall books (remember those?!) except Keri’s character was expecting a baby out of wedlock. She also married a normal person (a carpenter) and has two kids with absolutely adorable names, River and Willa Lou. She lives in Brooklyn. I’m pretty sure all of those signs point to mentally stable.

So yeah, Keri Russell is my favorite MMC alum, only because it’s ironic that she was even in MMC. How much will it cost Disney to film a reunion special? That needs to happen, I want Keri interacting with Britney and Christina. And I want Ryan to sit JT down and tell him that he really shouldn’t act anymore, unless it involves hosting SNL.

** Ryan Gosling, I love you too, but Sam already picked you and I wanted to mix it up. Can we still date?

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S/S Saturday Selects: The Next Teen Movie Remake

This Saturday’s topic is the next teen movie remake. Everyone’s seen a few of these at least once in their lives. But what if these classics were made in the 21st century? We pick which ones we’d like to get remade:

Sarah’s pick: She’s All That

Oh, Freddie Prinze, Jr. My first celeb crush. I was obsessed with him and it’s all because of this little movie called She’s All That. Did I mention that I watched it about five times in one day? That’s dedication right there. It’s a timeless story of popular guy gets dumped and then makes a bet with annoying friend that he’ll turn any girl into a hottie, popular dude takes the nerdy girl and makes her over (with much resistance, I might add) but falls in love with her in the process, annoying friend messes it up by revealing the secret, nerdy girl and popular guy get in a fight, cue romantic gesture and they make up and end up together forever. THE END.

Forget Twilight and Hunger Games, we gotta show these kids these days what real teen romances are — and they don’t need to involve vampires, werewolves, kids killing kids and especially, virginity. Who can relate to that? If you look back at this teen movie with 21st century eyes, you’ll see it was pretty genius. Here are my favorite parts:

Freddie Prinze, Jr: Duh, I was going to put him in here. Where else will we find a dude who’s Mr. Popular, class president, straight-A student, captain of the soccer team and a sensitive soul at heart?

Makeover scene: Who didn’t love the stairs scene set to “Kiss Me?” Also the future Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin, tweezed the eff out of her eyebrows and put a tight red dress on Rachel Leigh Cook and suddenly Laney Boggs was hot. Oh Sookie.

Usher: Usher plays the school DJ. Sidenote, did anyone out there have a DJ in their high school? I was really disappointed when I found out that I didn’t have my own David Silver at my high school (which was all-girls’ so that made a little more sense.) Usher should still play school DJ in the remake. He hasn’t aged a day.

The ending: Dancing under twinkling lights to “Kiss Me.” So romantic. Why hasn’t this happened to me yet? Plus, Freddie Prinze, Jr. reveals he wants to do performance art. Ohhhh-kay.

I’d love to see this movie get remade. It’s my favorite teen comedy and people need to know how brilliant it is. Can Freddie make a cameo?

Sam’s pick: Some Kind of Wonderful 

I basically already detailed this in another blog, but I’m totally going (late) 80s and choosing Some Kind of Wonderful as the next teen movie that needs to be remade.

Original Premise: Girl best friend loves guy best friend. Both are poor, from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks sort. Guy wants popular girl. Popular girl decides to give him a shot. They like each other, but she realizes she needs to stop relying on guys (what?) and backs out, especially after finding out that the girl best friend is in love with said guy. Guy realizes he loves best friend.

Oh, the romantic hopeful’s Pretty in Pink. Or realist’s Pretty in Pink? Or the holy shit am I the best friend who’s in love with his or her best friend and they better get together….Pretty in Pink? Anyway, tough luck Duckie, Watts played your game – and won.

New premise: Guy (Josh Hutcherson if I had my pick) falls for super-pretty, super-popular girl (Lucy Hale), with the help of BFF (Emma Roberts). (I know what you’re thinking, but let’s get real, the new Watts has to be super pretty too. She could like, cut her hair or wear glasses, as ipso facto that makes for teen movie ugly.) Popular girl ends up falling for him, despite protests from the popular crowd. Guy takes a chance and asks her to prom. She says yes. She then goes with another guy, because SURPRISE she isn’t nice like the audience thought she was. It’s okay though, because BFF is there (and dolled-up) ready to rock out at prom. Kiss. End movie. (Don’t hate me just cause I changed Pretty in Pink’s ending to a more real life scenario).

Seriously though, this is prime material for a teen remake. Let’s get on it. But keep the corny-deliciousness of it. That’s what MAKES the movie.

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S/S Saturday Selects: Next Male Heartthrob?

Ladies and gents, every Saturday we’ll be bringing you our picks for, well, a topic of our choosing. Vague? Yes. Brilliant? We’d like to think so.

First up: the next male heartthrob.

Sam’s pick: Josh Hutcherson

Okay, I’m not saying this to jump on The Hunger Games bandwagon, because I’ve been a fan of this kid since his Little Manhattan days. (Seriously. I own the movie and literally make people watch it.) But I’m glad this cutie will finally be (over)-exposed to a mass audience. Yes, he’s had other movies (The Kids Are All Right was pretty phenomenal), but this is going to shoot him to a whole other level. And honestly, Liam Hemsworth is a) almost too pretty, b) involved with Miley, and c) isn’t going to be playing Peeta, aka the most lovable male fictional character.

Also, some things that point to impending heartthrob status:

1. He has several fan twitters and websites devoted to him, as well as unverified twitter accounts that claim to be him, which means he’s already winning out. (If you’re trying to be a celebrity and people don’t pretend to be you, you got nothing.)

2. Peeta (See: above and The Hunger Games.)

3. I mean, c’mon, look at that face. Case closed.

Sarah’s pick: Logan Lerman

Before I start, I wanna give a shoutout to Josh Hutcherson. You’re real cute, Peeta. And I can’t wait for the movie to come out and you’re def gonna be a heartthrob. I had to add another cutie to bring more choices into the mix. There can totally be more than one Hollywood hottie. It gives us some variety (even though J.Hutch and Logan kinda look like they could be brothers or cousins, but still, you know what I mean).

Does anyone remember Jack and Bobby? You know the show about two brothers and one of the brothers becomes president and one of them dies? It was a mystery because you didn’t know which one dies until the end of pilot episode. Logan played the younger brother. SPOILER ALERT: Logan became president. Anyways, he was adorable in that show. Like little-kid adorable, but, I mean he was 12 when he filmed it.

I’ve seen this kid recently and he’s the stuff teen heartthrobs are made of: piercing blue eyes (a touch of Zefron), artfully tousled hair (a little of the Biebs) and of course, he’s a little on the short side, 5’8″ (i.e. every male actor in Hollywood). Logan has really grown up during the years and he’s been in some high-profile movies like Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I don’t even know what this movie is but I’m assuming it’s big if there’s a sequel coming out) and The Three Musketeers (with my ghost of celeb crushes’ past, Orlando Bloom). And even though he’s not in a book-series-turned-movie of Twilight proportions, he is going to be in a film adaptation of another young adult novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Emma Watson (Hermione!). So I think he’s still got a good shot at being the main photo on J-14 or Twist or M .

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