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I’m On a Roll

You know those songs that you listen to while you’re getting ready to go out or those songs that you’re fist pumping (or bumpin and grindin or whatever weird dance you do when you’re 50% sober) and you’re kind of like “Wow this song doesn’t make any sense and it’s terrible but whenever it comes on I go crazy and start yelling and pretending I’m poppin’ some bottles in a Drake (or insert rapper of your choice here) video.” Well here’s a new club banger for ya. But I have to warn you, once you listen to it, you’ll never get it out of your head. Trust me, it’s been almost 10 days since I first listened to it and this damn song is still playing in my brain.

It’s called “I’m On a Roll” and it’s sung by Stefano. If any of you watched Season 10 of American Idol, you will recognize him as Stefano Langone, who made it to the top 7 and then got eliminated. By the way, it so happens that season 10 was when I started watching American Idol again — basically for Steven Tyler’s creepy antics and J.Lo’s sequined shorts (goshdarnit, I still need a pair!). Honestly, I’m not quite sure how he made it that far. He was a cute kid but he wasn’t the best singer.

So imagine my surprise when one night I’m at my friend’s apartment enjoying some margaritas when she shows me this music video on YouTube. Hey, that kid looks familiar! And then I watched the video and was speechless. Can we just talk about his facial expressions in this video? Seriously, someone make me some gifs of them. Those expressions of pure joy/surprise with his eyes popping out of his head in every shot? I can’t handle it. Also who is that random old guy who invites him to the pool party with all those girls? And of course there’s an obligatory rap interlude with some random rapper (further research tells me this guy is from the New Boyz). Plus, my absolute fave contestant on season 10 Casey Abrams makes an appearance as a hobo. This is the new song of the summer, guys. Forget Call Me Maybe.

It’s the best night of my life!

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Dream Judges for the X Factor

I was really into the US version of X Factor a few months ago. Even though they got rid of my beloved Cheryl Cole because apparently no one could understand her accent (um, hi do we ever know what Paula is really saying?), I still watched the show every week. I didn’t vote though, so I believe I still have some street cred. By the way, Melanie Amaro had a great voice but she was boring. I wanted Josh to win. But in reality I wanted Marcus to win, not a strong voice but dang he was charismatic and like a young Usher/Ne-Yo.

Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones got the axe in January. The only person I feel sad about is Paula, at least she was crazy but in a good way. You expect some outlandish things from her, she’s just being Paula. Nicole was annoying and why was she even judging the show? Sure, she has a great voice, but her claims to fame are Eden’s Crush and the Pussycat Dolls. Steve Jones, where the heck did you come from? Hate to break it to you, but you’re the new Brian Dunkleman (remember when Ryan Seacrest wasn’t the only host on American Idol?).

Ever since Nicole, Paula and Steve were let go there have been plenty of rumors about who’s going to take their places. Apparently Simon’s going to hire two female judges and two hosts. Whitney Houston (RIP, girl) was said to have been in talks, but maybe Simon just said that because he wanted some publicity that weekend. Mariah Carey and Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, were in talks to judge and host, respectively. Janet Jackson was rumored to be in discussions. Recently, it’s been reported that Britney was offered $10 million to judge, but she’s holding out for more. And just today, I found out that Glee’s Darren Criss was offered a chance to host the show but turned it down because of his many time commitments (that actually could have been really cool, but I would have missed my Blaine solos on Glee).

So which ladies should judge? Here’s my wishlist:

Britney Spears: This could happen and it makes me really happy. She would be crazy and she would say “y’all” all the time and show up to rehearsals in Uggs and cutoff shorts with bag of cheetos and/or a Starbucks Frappucino in hand. That’s our Brit. But will she be able to be “on” for weeks at a time? That’s up in the air, but if Christina can do it on The Voice, Britney can do it too.

Justin Timberlake: I know, JT is a boy, but if Britney’s judging, we gotta somehow get him on the show as well. This strategic move would be for two purposes: getting Justin to stop acting and go back to making music and getting Britney and Justin back together. Two birds, one stone.

Celine Dion: When I found out that Whitney might have been a candidate for X Factor judge, I got unbelievably sad. She would’ve rocked it. Next choice? Celine. Please someone sing “That’s the Way It Is” next season.

Taylor Swift: I love her, but she would never be able to be mean. So that would be part exasperating/part hilarious to watch. She should get the boys team and proceed to fall in love with all of them. Then write a couple songs about that.

Betty White: Just because. And hey, Ellen was a judge on American Idol, I don’t think she’s ever put out an album before either.

Stevie Nicks: I have nothing sarcastic to say. That would be awesome. Or they should get Carole King.


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