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Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and I have to admit I watched a little bit of it. But I also have to admit that I’m really missing the TCA’s of yesteryear. Maybe it’s because I’m not really part of that demographic anymore so it’s not really as relevant or exciting to me anymore. (Even though I am a 23-year-old with an appreciation for One Direction, Bieber and Selena Gomez.) But like now celebs only show up to the show if they actually win a surfboard and they peace out afterwards. I really think it’s lost its edge and has become a poor man’s version of the MTV Movie Awards and that’s saying a lot because the Movie Awards kinda sucked this year.

But remember when the Teen Choice Awards used to be so cool? I would spend the summer carefully selecting who I would vote for to win the coveted surfboard in categories like Choice Hottie (remember when Britney and Justin both won together?!). There were awesome performances from Aerosmith, Britney, N’SYNC, etc. And they had some pretty cool hosts too like H.Duff in 2005 (I think this was also the time she and LiLo were fighting and somehow Chad Michael Murray was in the middle of it because of Freaky Friday/A Cinderella Story), Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in 2004 (The Simple Life OMG), Jonas Brothers in 2009 and Miley in 2008.

While writing this post I was YouTubing some clips from previous years and I’ve come up with 5 of my favorites. Note that these are mostly from 2001 (the epic year of teen movies).


Basically this was a parody of Making the Band but for old men and it opened up the show in 2000. I just love that Justin, Chris and JC are jumping out of their seats and cracking up. Also, cue the obligatory B.Spears reaction shots.

Britney’s Medley

Because that white crop top and pants were the epitome of 90s Britney (The Britney doll I had when I was little wore that exact outfit). Plus, her dancing skills. She was the best.

Freddie Prinze Jr. wins Choice Hottie

It wouldn’t be 1999 without Freddie winning some surfboards. There is so much going on in this clip. Can we talk about his tie and suspenders? And Jared Padalecki pre-Gilmore Girls and Supernatural was passing out the surfboards this year. 

Let Me Blow Your Mind

Because I just love this song. And Keri Russell (Felicity!) makes an appearance in this clip. 

Miley Pole Dancing

Because this was when we were like, “We get it, Miley. You so wanted to get rid of that Disney Channel star image. You can’t be tamed.” But why did you have to make us feel so uncomfortable?

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S/S Saturday Selects: Our Favorite Britney Spears Music Video

Guys, did you know that Britney made 32 music videos? Dang, gurl, that’s a lot of dancing, writhing and lip-syncing. This week we’re talking about our fave Britney video.

Sarah’s Pick: Stronger

This one was really hard. Britney just makes epic music videos (honorable mentions for me include Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy, Toxic, Circus and 3). But I gotta go with Stronger. Solely based on the fact that she looks AMAZING dancing on that chair. That was epic. That’s pure talent right there. Say what you want about Britney’s voice or whatever, but girl could dance. That ain’t no body double. She’s jumping off the chair, getting back on it, standing on the back of it, it’s perfect.  She’s also so sassy in the beginning of the video when she sees her boyfriend (ex?) out with another girl: “Whatever.” Go Brit.

The Stronger era was definitely around Britney’s prime. Look at those abs! Her belly button ring! She was 18 or 19 around the time she made that video. Um, what. I didn’t even look like that when I was that age. You have to watch the MTV Making the Video episode for Stronger where she rehearses the chair dance and falls and she’s just so silly in this video. I love her.

Fun fact, one time while getting ready for Friday night festivities, I watched the music video while I was getting ready. Then I watched it again and again and again. I almost didn’t make it out that night because I was entranced.

Sam’s Pick: I’m a Slave 4 U

Like Sarah said, picking just one video was really difficult. I love Britney, and two of my favorites include Toxic and Womanizer (I guess I really love Britney in wigs). I also really loved Drive Me Crazy, and who could forget the catholic outfit that had a million guys creepin: Baby One More Time?

Anyway, when it came down to it, I had to go with I’m a Slave 4 U. First off, this video is HOT. Literally, too, because everyone is super-sweaty. The dancing is ON POINT and I really wanted that pink top. Everything was just super-sultry.

This was also a MTV Making the Video special, and she performed it at the 2001 MTV Music Awards, carrying around a snake on her shoulders. Yes, a SNAKE. Things got mad exotic, y’all.

Honestly, you can’t tell me this wasn’t Britney at her best.

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Dream Judges for the X Factor

I was really into the US version of X Factor a few months ago. Even though they got rid of my beloved Cheryl Cole because apparently no one could understand her accent (um, hi do we ever know what Paula is really saying?), I still watched the show every week. I didn’t vote though, so I believe I still have some street cred. By the way, Melanie Amaro had a great voice but she was boring. I wanted Josh to win. But in reality I wanted Marcus to win, not a strong voice but dang he was charismatic and like a young Usher/Ne-Yo.

Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones got the axe in January. The only person I feel sad about is Paula, at least she was crazy but in a good way. You expect some outlandish things from her, she’s just being Paula. Nicole was annoying and why was she even judging the show? Sure, she has a great voice, but her claims to fame are Eden’s Crush and the Pussycat Dolls. Steve Jones, where the heck did you come from? Hate to break it to you, but you’re the new Brian Dunkleman (remember when Ryan Seacrest wasn’t the only host on American Idol?).

Ever since Nicole, Paula and Steve were let go there have been plenty of rumors about who’s going to take their places. Apparently Simon’s going to hire two female judges and two hosts. Whitney Houston (RIP, girl) was said to have been in talks, but maybe Simon just said that because he wanted some publicity that weekend. Mariah Carey and Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, were in talks to judge and host, respectively. Janet Jackson was rumored to be in discussions. Recently, it’s been reported that Britney was offered $10 million to judge, but she’s holding out for more. And just today, I found out that Glee’s Darren Criss was offered a chance to host the show but turned it down because of his many time commitments (that actually could have been really cool, but I would have missed my Blaine solos on Glee).

So which ladies should judge? Here’s my wishlist:

Britney Spears: This could happen and it makes me really happy. She would be crazy and she would say “y’all” all the time and show up to rehearsals in Uggs and cutoff shorts with bag of cheetos and/or a Starbucks Frappucino in hand. That’s our Brit. But will she be able to be “on” for weeks at a time? That’s up in the air, but if Christina can do it on The Voice, Britney can do it too.

Justin Timberlake: I know, JT is a boy, but if Britney’s judging, we gotta somehow get him on the show as well. This strategic move would be for two purposes: getting Justin to stop acting and go back to making music and getting Britney and Justin back together. Two birds, one stone.

Celine Dion: When I found out that Whitney might have been a candidate for X Factor judge, I got unbelievably sad. She would’ve rocked it. Next choice? Celine. Please someone sing “That’s the Way It Is” next season.

Taylor Swift: I love her, but she would never be able to be mean. So that would be part exasperating/part hilarious to watch. She should get the boys team and proceed to fall in love with all of them. Then write a couple songs about that.

Betty White: Just because. And hey, Ellen was a judge on American Idol, I don’t think she’s ever put out an album before either.

Stevie Nicks: I have nothing sarcastic to say. That would be awesome. Or they should get Carole King.


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They Shouldn’t Have Put a Ring on It

Where you are...

And by ring, I mean purity ring. For years celebs (mainly those of the Disney Channel variety) have claimed to be “saving themselves for marriage” and donning purity rings. I’m talking Jessica Simpson, Britney and Justin, the Jonas Brothers, etc. But I’m calling bull. Now, I’m not saying saving yourself for marriage isn’t a good thing. I think it’s admirable. But for some celebs, where are these purity rings now? Let’s take a look at some famous celebs who have donned purity rings or claimed that they were saving themselves for marriage and how well that turned out for them:

Jessica Simpson: Alright, Jessica did go through with the whole saving herself for marriage thing. She married Nick Lachey and finally had sex. We saw it all play out on Newlyweds. But Jessica got divorced and now she’s having a child out of wedlock (she’s engaged, though). I don’t really know what the rules are if you saved yourself for marriage and then got divorced — do you have to save yourself for your second marriage? Well, obviously J.Simp didn’t do that.

Britney and Justin: Oh these two lovebirds. I still want them to be together forever. Jessica and Jason, please go away. Anyways, Britney and Justin (well, I think Brit was more outspoken about this one) claimed that they were saving themselves for marriage. Then about 7 years later Justin goes on SNL and blows their cover during a skit where he played a distant ancestor of his. He said, “I ‘d like to think that at first, he’ll date a popular female singer. Publicly they’ll claim to be virgins. But privately, he hit it.”

Katie Holmes: When she was dating Chris Klein, she said she was saving herself for marriage. Then she goes and breaks it off with Chris and causes Tom Cruise to start jumping on couches. Then she had Suri before they got married. What kind of superpowers does Tom Cruise have?

Hilary Duff: She said she was misquoted in an Elle magazine article by saying she was a virgin. She started dating Joel Madden when she was 16 and he was 25. She said it was a private thing, but she didn’t confirm if she was a virgin or not.

Miley Cyrus: Didn’t she date a 20-year-old when she was 16? Also did you see all her leaked sexting pics? And didn’t she give her new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth a penis cake? (These are all rhetorical questions by the way).

Julianne Hough: She claimed to have a purity ring back in 2009. She’s dating Ryan Seacrest now. Hm, I’m not so sure if she’s still saving herself. Truthfully it could go either way. Cough, beard, cough.

The Jonas Brothers: The JoBros. They were the biggest purity ring-wearing stars out there. What happened? Kevin got married, so we know he got some. Although his wife has said that they sleep in separate rooms because Kevin “snores.” There’s something fishy going on there for sure. Joe Jonas has dated a whole bevy of women: T.Swift (about three or four songs came out of that relationship), Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and now he’s apparently dating some Sports Illustrated model. Once he moved onto the likes of Ashley Greene and others, I think the purity ring got thrown away somewhere. And Nick, well it seemed to be all innocent for a while. He dated Miley and Selena Gomez, it was cute. But then he started dating Delta Goodrem, 27 to his 19. Can we say Mrs. Robinson?

Selena Gomez: She’s dating Justin Bieber, who has a Jesus tattoo and has said he’s saving himself too. Sam and I discussed this and we’re undecided on whether the deed has been done yet or not. But they do like to have some pretty steamy PDA’s on the beach.

Saving yourself for marriage is a pretty big personal decision. But maybe these celebs should have kept it a private matter instead of announcing it to the whole world.

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