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It’s Been Awhile…

But I had to post this here because someone answered my prayers and brought Justin back to his true calling, music.

P.S. We’ll be back to actually posting things in 2013, we promise (we hope).


S/S Saturday Selects: Best MMC Alum

This week we’re picking our favorite The All-New Mickey Mouse Club alum (and we’re talking the 90s MMC, not 50s. Sorry, Annette)

no caption necessary

Sam’s pick: Ryan Gosling

I mean, duh. Honestly, I was about to just leave it at that and call it a day. If the 2903290 viral memes about this man didn’t clue you in, everyone’s in love with the Gos. I’m not entirely sure when the rest of the world caught on, considering I’ve been eyeing this hottie since his (yep) MMC days. That’s not an exaggeration. You can ask anyone.

I think it had something to do with this:

Straight up sex appeal. But in all seriousness, Ryan has proven that he’s an amazingly talented guy, working on dozens of films including (the cheese-tastic classic) The Notebook, Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, and most recently, Drive. In his off-time, he plays music and breaks up fights in NYC that are captured on video and cause a frenzy on YouTube.

But the best part about Ryan? He has a sense of humor about himself. Take him reading his “Hey Girl…” memes. That shit is gold. Ryan, marry me?

She was on MMC?!

Sarah’s pick: Keri Russell

You thought I was going to pick Britney or Justin, didn’t you? Nope, it’s gotta be Felicity Porter Keri Russell. Simply because sometimes I can’t even believe that she was in the MMC and also because I just love Felicity so much. Sidenote, I went to college in New York and it still baffles me that my life didn’t mirror Felicity Porter’s. Where was my Noel and Ben goshdarnit!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Britney, Justin and Christina (let’s not forget JC Chasez, either), but Keri Russell came out of the MMC as a normal person. Sure, she had some rough times, like she pulled a Britney before it was even a Britney when she chopped off her beautiful hair (why God why?!) at the beginning of Felicity’s second season. That was a ratings slump. But overall, Keri’s made some pretty good career and life decisions. Besides Felicity, she’s been in movies like Waitress, August Rush and Mission Impossible III. And she was also in a fantastically cheesy but heartwarming Hallmark movie called The Magic of Ordinary Days.  It was cute, like those Sarah, Plain and Tall books (remember those?!) except Keri’s character was expecting a baby out of wedlock. She also married a normal person (a carpenter) and has two kids with absolutely adorable names, River and Willa Lou. She lives in Brooklyn. I’m pretty sure all of those signs point to mentally stable.

So yeah, Keri Russell is my favorite MMC alum, only because it’s ironic that she was even in MMC. How much will it cost Disney to film a reunion special? That needs to happen, I want Keri interacting with Britney and Christina. And I want Ryan to sit JT down and tell him that he really shouldn’t act anymore, unless it involves hosting SNL.

** Ryan Gosling, I love you too, but Sam already picked you and I wanted to mix it up. Can we still date?

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They Shouldn’t Have Put a Ring on It

Where you are...

And by ring, I mean purity ring. For years celebs (mainly those of the Disney Channel variety) have claimed to be “saving themselves for marriage” and donning purity rings. I’m talking Jessica Simpson, Britney and Justin, the Jonas Brothers, etc. But I’m calling bull. Now, I’m not saying saving yourself for marriage isn’t a good thing. I think it’s admirable. But for some celebs, where are these purity rings now? Let’s take a look at some famous celebs who have donned purity rings or claimed that they were saving themselves for marriage and how well that turned out for them:

Jessica Simpson: Alright, Jessica did go through with the whole saving herself for marriage thing. She married Nick Lachey and finally had sex. We saw it all play out on Newlyweds. But Jessica got divorced and now she’s having a child out of wedlock (she’s engaged, though). I don’t really know what the rules are if you saved yourself for marriage and then got divorced — do you have to save yourself for your second marriage? Well, obviously J.Simp didn’t do that.

Britney and Justin: Oh these two lovebirds. I still want them to be together forever. Jessica and Jason, please go away. Anyways, Britney and Justin (well, I think Brit was more outspoken about this one) claimed that they were saving themselves for marriage. Then about 7 years later Justin goes on SNL and blows their cover during a skit where he played a distant ancestor of his. He said, “I ‘d like to think that at first, he’ll date a popular female singer. Publicly they’ll claim to be virgins. But privately, he hit it.”

Katie Holmes: When she was dating Chris Klein, she said she was saving herself for marriage. Then she goes and breaks it off with Chris and causes Tom Cruise to start jumping on couches. Then she had Suri before they got married. What kind of superpowers does Tom Cruise have?

Hilary Duff: She said she was misquoted in an Elle magazine article by saying she was a virgin. She started dating Joel Madden when she was 16 and he was 25. She said it was a private thing, but she didn’t confirm if she was a virgin or not.

Miley Cyrus: Didn’t she date a 20-year-old when she was 16? Also did you see all her leaked sexting pics? And didn’t she give her new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth a penis cake? (These are all rhetorical questions by the way).

Julianne Hough: She claimed to have a purity ring back in 2009. She’s dating Ryan Seacrest now. Hm, I’m not so sure if she’s still saving herself. Truthfully it could go either way. Cough, beard, cough.

The Jonas Brothers: The JoBros. They were the biggest purity ring-wearing stars out there. What happened? Kevin got married, so we know he got some. Although his wife has said that they sleep in separate rooms because Kevin “snores.” There’s something fishy going on there for sure. Joe Jonas has dated a whole bevy of women: T.Swift (about three or four songs came out of that relationship), Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and now he’s apparently dating some Sports Illustrated model. Once he moved onto the likes of Ashley Greene and others, I think the purity ring got thrown away somewhere. And Nick, well it seemed to be all innocent for a while. He dated Miley and Selena Gomez, it was cute. But then he started dating Delta Goodrem, 27 to his 19. Can we say Mrs. Robinson?

Selena Gomez: She’s dating Justin Bieber, who has a Jesus tattoo and has said he’s saving himself too. Sam and I discussed this and we’re undecided on whether the deed has been done yet or not. But they do like to have some pretty steamy PDA’s on the beach.

Saving yourself for marriage is a pretty big personal decision. But maybe these celebs should have kept it a private matter instead of announcing it to the whole world.

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