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5 Hot Under-the-Radar Olympians

The Olympics are finally underway and if you’re like me you’ve been glued to your TV or computers watching the events. I love the Olympics — crazy opening and closing ceremonies (Spice Girls, you better be there), incredibly talented and good-looking athletes, crazy comebacks or surprises, and just rooting for the home team (AMERICA!!!).

Sidenote: We all agree that those Opening Ceremonies were a little crazy, right? I did love the corgis, Mr. Bean, Harry Potter shout out, and the random tribute to NHS (thanks for saving me when I got strep throat during my semester abroad). Also, is it wrong that I have a strange obsession with the USA Men’s Basketball team? I mean, all those egos — what do they talk about? Do they play pranks on each other? And if you want some adorableness, please follow Kevin Love on Twitter.

As much as we love the sporting events, I think it’d be safe to say that we all enjoy the Olympics eye candy too. Now, I know Ryan “Let me see yo grillz” Lochte is getting a lot of hype this year. And Michael Phelps is always the golden boy. But what about those under the radar hotties? Here’s my top 5 (to be extra patriotic, I only chose Americans, but I will have to give two thumbs up to Camille Lacourt who’s a pretty swoonworthy guy).

1. Nathan Adrian

According to Wikipedia, Nathan’s half-Asian, he went to Berkeley, and he’s a pretty decent swimmer. He’s not bad on the eyes either — hello abs. I just like him cuz he’s smiling all the time and you can tell he’s just happy to be there. Also, I enjoy reading his tweets (Twitter aptitude is obviously a big factor on the attractiveness scale for me). His Twitter bio is “Swimmer, Olympian, Child at heart, and I don’t care if you think it is gross to brush my teeth in the shower!” What a goofball. I love it.

2. Ashton Eaton

I first came across Ashton during the Olympic trials (where he set a world record!). Dude was a beast then, so I decided it was best to root for him. He’s a decathlete which means he can run, throw stuff, and jump really far.

3. Matt Anderson

If I can’t have one of the swimmers, I’ll take one of the male volleyball players, please. These guys are really tall, super fit and pretty adorable. Matt Anderson definitely caught my eye when I was watching the US Men’s team play Serbia on Sunday. Look at that face — doesn’t it scream all-American to you? He’s pretty dreamy.

4. Kevin Love

Since I judge male attractiveness on Twitter activity, of course I had to put Kevin Love on my list. Even though I’m a Lakers fan, I’ll have to start paying more attention to the Timberwolves (does Justin own this team?) because of Mr. Love. Kevin loves posting photos on Instagram and Twitter, especially of all the hijinks the US Men’s team have gotten into this summer. He really likes to take pictures of his teammates when they’re sleeping on planes. And his commentary on photos is golden. My favorites include “Getting my Justin Timberlake on” with a photo of him modeling the opening ceremony outfit and “Glad I could add some color to the photo” with a photo of the team at dinner (because he’s the only white guy, get it?).

5. Cullen Jones

Maybe I should have chosen another guy from a different sport, but I just really like swimmers, okay? I think Cullen Jones is pretty precious. Those dimples just kill me. When he’s not competing, he ┬átravels around the country to teach kids about the importance of knowing how to swim, so he’s a nice guy too. Fun fact: Did you know he almost drowned at a water park when he was 5?

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