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K-Stew and R-Pat Debacle, Take 1

So, unless you were completely devoid of internet or socializing yesterday, you’ve probably heard about the Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with a 41-year-old married (and father of two) director, um, thing.

Then she issued a public apology. And then the director did too, of course, because after that it’s kind of like, alright cards out on the table and he doesn’t want to look like the jackass who didn’t apologize.

But this is my take on it: Why did she make this public apology?


Look, I’m very anti-acting-Stewart. She has like, two faces that she considers “acting.” The uninterested, I’m just a girl face and the scared/surprised face (same face, different emotions). But I don’t know, this seems a bit too much.

Do I think she should definitely fess up to her mistake? Sure. But to Rob, privately. Not to the public. It just looks like a young girl trying to save face or sell Twilight tickets, and I’m not sure what one to go with at this point.

From my roommate: “Or to romanticize it, she wanted to talk to Rob and he’s not answering so she made the apology public.”

And yeah, okay, maybe. She does say she loves him. Twice. But what little I know about Rob, besides his unkempt ways, is that he seems to be a pretty anti-media/public outcry type of person. Shit, they tried to hide their relationship for like, years. (Or at least one year.) So would he respond to a public apology? My guess: no.

But maybe it’s the last attempt of a desperate, young girl. Sometimes I can forget that K-Stew is only 22. Plenty of time for mistakes, dear, but my goodness I have to say: you really went big with this one.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see the Twilight-publicity stuff now. And what Rob does/says. Time will tell…

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Kids Choice Awards 2012

Let’s talk about the Kid’s Choice Awards. It aired last Saturday and yes, I watched it. First of all, Will Smith hosted. Dang, where have you been Will? Of course, he brought the whole fam along, Jada (who looked pretty fierce with her head half shaved), Willow (who apparently has no hair to whip back and forth anymore), Jaden and the one that isn’t in showbusiness and is semi-normal, Will’s older son Trey. Will was channeling his inner Fresh Prince and wore a bronzed jacket with baseball hat askew.

I gotta say watching the Kids Choice Awards made me wish I was a tween again. I wanted to be there dancing in the audience with slime in my hair while One Direction sang to me (Harry would probably be serenading me). In my tween fantasy, I would be dancing to “What Makes You Beautiful” with Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift (because they were grooving to One Direction in the audience, the camera kept panning to them)

So let me recap what happened if you didn’t catch it last Saturday night (this makes me sound so lame that I wasn’t out at a bar on Saturday being a hip twenty-something). Katy Perry sang her new song with a Medieval-esque theme and had an armor that probably blinded all the kids in the front row. Kristen Stewart won Best Actress (wait, what?) and then she mentioned Rocko’s Modern Life and Doug in her awkward (per usual) acceptance speech. She made me like her for a hot second.  The coolest mom (and First Lady) around Michelle Obama gave “The Big Help” award to Taylor Swift. Taylor acted surprised (per usual). Oh and did I mention, MObama came out to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” and she looked fierce in metallics? One Direction sang and I swooned. Taylor Lautner won “Favorite Butt Kicker” and then Will Smith challenged him to do 1,000 pushups (yes, really). I think he did them but it went to commercial break and then when it came back he said he was on 999. And lastly, Justin Bieber surprised all the kiddos (and their moms) in the audience by appearing to accept his “Favorite Singer” award, even though it looked like Justin wasn’t at the awards. Then he and Will Smith got slimed. It was magical.

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