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Weird Couple News: That Guy from Nickelback and Avril Are Engaged

Oh, Canada! (Bieber’s gotta be invited to this, right?)

Hey guys. Sorry for the super-long hiatus (of…days), but we’re back! And with a doozy: Avril and that guy from Nickelback (his name is Chad Kroeger, FYI. Yep, didn’t know that either) are engaged. This news shocked everyone, but I was mostly shocked that this made news, considering how low these “stars” are on the celebrity totem pole.

Apparently, they had a whirlwind romance, starting in February when Chad helped Avril write a song for her new album (oh, dear lord, no music necessary Avril, seriously), and ending (or beginning for you romantics) with a 14-carat diamond engagement ring (DANG).

This is how sad things are: I didn’t even know she had split from Brody Jenner. Remember — that other relationship that made us scratch our heads. (C’mon the only Avril relationship that made sense was her and Deryck from Sum41, right?)

But really, I just feel sorry for the children, who will have to explain to their peers that they “never liked” their parents music, in hopes they won’t be ridiculed for life.

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