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Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills

Oopsies. We seemed to have gone on a bit of an extended hiatus. But no fear! We’re back! (Aren’t you thrilled?)

As I’ve been sick the past FOUR days (and counting), I thankfully had a few new DVDs to keep me from losing my sanity. One of which was the 80s Shelley Long classic, “Troop Beverly Hills.” I used to love this movie and would watch it over and over again. Can you blame me?

Here are 5 reasons why this movie is a must-see movie (and a must buy.)

1. It stars a young Jenny Lewis. Before she gets all indie and delivers as a totally awesome songstress, she’s a cute little girl just trying to reunite her parents, while keeping up with her gymnastics and staying fashionable with piled-high scrunchies.

2. You learn some sweet dance moves:

3. You really get inspired with your outfit choices. Honestly, if Phyllis can make a troop leader outfit look this good, the sky’s the limit!


4. If you don’t smile and sing along to “it’s cookie time,” you have no soul:

5. Speaking of, let’s get real: the main star of this movie is Tasha Scott, aka Jasmine Shakar, who’s the sassy daughter of a famous boxer. “Shake the man’s hand daddy AND LET’S BE ON OUR WAY.”

Did you love this movie as much as me? What are your favorite parts?

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