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K-Stew and R-Pat Debacle, Take 1

So, unless you were completely devoid of internet or socializing yesterday, you’ve probably heard about the Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with a 41-year-old married (and father of two) director, um, thing.

Then she issued a public apology. And then the director did too, of course, because after that it’s kind of like, alright cards out on the table and he doesn’t want to look like the jackass who didn’t apologize.

But this is my take on it: Why did she make this public apology?


Look, I’m very anti-acting-Stewart. She has like, two faces that she considers “acting.” The uninterested, I’m just a girl face and the scared/surprised face (same face, different emotions). But I don’t know, this seems a bit too much.

Do I think she should definitely fess up to her mistake? Sure. But to Rob, privately. Not to the public. It just looks like a young girl trying to save face or sell Twilight tickets, and I’m not sure what one to go with at this point.

From my roommate: “Or to romanticize it, she wanted to talk to Rob and he’s not answering so she made the apology public.”

And yeah, okay, maybe. She does say she loves him. Twice. But what little I know about Rob, besides his unkempt ways, is that he seems to be a pretty anti-media/public outcry type of person. Shit, they tried to hide their relationship for like, years. (Or at least one year.) So would he respond to a public apology? My guess: no.

But maybe it’s the last attempt of a desperate, young girl. Sometimes I can forget that K-Stew is only 22. Plenty of time for mistakes, dear, but my goodness I have to say: you really went big with this one.

I guess it’ll be interesting to see the Twilight-publicity stuff now. And what Rob does/says. Time will tell…

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The Hunger Games Anticipation, pt 2

You thought we were going to only have one Hunger Games post? Um, no. I’m pretty new to the Hunger Games phenomenon, I read it a few months ago during a whirlwind three days. I was obsessed, it was like crack and it felt good.

Now, I’m pretty used to the whole books-are-crack thing. I read all the Harry Potter books (nothing can ever replace the feelings of those days when HP came out and you couldn’t leave your house or talk to your friends until you were done). I even read Twilight. Crack, I tell ya. There was an unfortunate incident that involved me throwing a fit at a local bookstore and begging the salesperson to let me have the reserved copy of Breaking Dawn. Sorry, whoever put it on hold, I went home with it.

Anyways, I needed a new fix and Hunger Games hit the spot. They were adventurous and a little bit edgier than Twilight. The books were really well-written, too. And the heroine was someone that I wasn’t screaming at, I was actually cheering her on. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to shake Bella Swan and tell her to just get some revenge hookups under her belt when Edward left her in New Moon. Katniss would probably eat Bella Swan alive, fer sure. Same goes for the people that play them, Jennifer Lawrence would overtake Kristen Stewart in a matter of seconds. But like why are we even comparing Twilight and Hunger Games? They’re not the same at all. Different versions of crack. Twilight is all about the romance, whereas in Hunger Games, the romance has to come second. I mean, Katniss won’t be able to kiss any boys in the future if she’s killed by a muttation.

And I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. She just seems so real. Like she admitted that she loves reading about herself in the tabloids. She isn’t too cool for school yet. She wears a lot of gold (I LOVE GOLD!). And her real-life boyfriend is just so gosh darn cute: Nicholas Hoult. You know, the geeky kid in About a Boy, Tony in Skins (the non-sucky British version, duh, not the American one) and Beast in X-Men: First Class. She is the perfect mixture of badass and beautiful. And she’s been nominated for an Academy Award. So, you go girl.

I can’t wait to see the movie. And since I’m an old person who can’t deal with crowds anymore, I’m missing the midnight showing tonight and opting to go another time.  But don’t worry, you’ll hear from Sam and me once we see it!

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